Foreskin Pain Coping with Side Effects of Masturbation Games

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    Oct 24, 2013
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Foreskin Pain Coping with Side Effects of Masturbation Games Photo by John Dugan

All men spend a considerable amount of time handling their tools, even if they occasionally go too far and experience a bit of penis pain. Intact men are no different, but they have the added bonus of mixing their "hoods" into the penile play. The more creative among them engage in all sorts of foreskin games, often with pleasurable results; but care needs to be taken to ensure that penis health is not compromised in prepuce play pursuit.

Games people play

Many of the games that intact men play are the same ones that circumcised men play, such as "penis ring toss" and "penis sword fight."

But there are some games, or variants thereof, that are unique to the uncircumcised man. A few examples would include:

1. Penis surprise . The intact man decorates the glans of his penis; perhaps he colors it blue or puts a smiley face on it. He then slides the foreskin over it and asks his partner to guess the color or the design. (For more fun, penalties can be established for each wrong answer: for one wrong guess, the partner must masturbate him. For two, perform oral sex. For three, experiment with a new sexual position, etc.)

2. Gotcha ! A man retracts his foreskin; his partner, meanwhile, stands a few feet away with a water gun and tries to dampen the exposed head. The intact man must try to cover up the head before it is hit by a spray of water. (There are many variations, such as attempting to simply touch the exposed glans with the hand before it is covered up.)

3. Boyz in the hood . Although this particular game has undoubtedly been around for millennia, it was popularized in 2010 when American shock jock Howard Stern had a contest in which two intact men raced to see which one could stuff more M&Ms into his foreskin. (The winner claimed an astounding 50; the loser was far behind with a still-impressive 27.) Seeing what can be hidden underneath the foreskin is something that many bored guys have a go at; however, as should be obvious, this game comes with the significant danger of getting something stuck under the hood.

4. Hide and seek . This is a variation on "boyz in the hood." The difference is that the man with the foreskin closes his eyes while his partner (very gently) hides something underneath the foreskin. The man then tries to guess what it is. (As with penis surprise, this can involve penalties for incorrect guesses.) Just as with the previous game, there is considerable risk involved here.

Is the danger worth the risk?

Because the penis can be easily hurt, it's always worthwhile assessing the risk-benefit ratio before indulging in any of these games. Certainly, the last two have a very obvious drawback: an object might become stuck inside the foreskin. In some cases, it could require medical treatment to remove, and that's something all men would rather avoid.

Even if items do not get stuck, having a foreign object lodged between the foreskin and the penis can cause irritation and soreness; in some instances, ingredients in the object could cause an allergic reaction.

It's certainly wisest for a man to take very special care with his penis, whether intact or not. If playing games goes beyond fun and causes soreness, itching, redness, irritation or other penis pain, it's important that a man seek appropriate treatment. Part of that treatment should involve the use of a high quality penis nutrient formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The better formulas include ingredients such as acetyl L carnitine, the neuroprotective qualities of which may help restore penile sensitivity damaged by some of these rougher games. The wise man also selects a formula with vitamin A, for its antibacterial activities, and with shea butter, for its moisturizing capabilities, from which an overworked penis definitely would benefit.

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