Masturbation and Marriage - They're Not Mutually Exclusive

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    Mar 13, 2014
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Masturbation and Marriage - They Photo by John Dugan

When a jittery couple stands in front of an official and promises to love, honor and cherish one another until death comes to separate them, it's understood that the word "love" could be replaced with the word "screw." Sex is just an important part of a loving, committed, long-term relationship between two consenting adults. But, that doesn't mean that masturbation doesn't play a vital role in a man's penis care routine. In fact, by engaging in a little healthy handling from time to time, guys could preserve both their health and their marital happiness. Here's why.

Timing and Interest

Married couples do almost everything together. They eat together, they watch television together, they raise children together and they grow old together. As the years pass, many couples find that they share the same rhythms, and their bodies seem incredibly attuned. But sometimes, one person just isn't into sex. Headaches, stress and sheer exhaustion can sometimes zap the mood, and one part of the couple might to replace sex with a cuddle and a long night of sleep.

Masturbation can be a perfect solution to these difficult situations. Unlike affairs, which can lead to emotional heartache, pregnancies and unwanted infections, masturbation is a clean, healthy, ethical activity. A sexual itch is scratched, and the relationship is left intact.

Mapping the Body

Solo activities can also make group activities a little more fun. Men who masturbate learn more about what they like, and what parts of their bodies crave a light or a heavy touch. They're allowed to experiment and to take a slow pace, and when the other half of the equation is ready to get intimate, all of that research could make the sex a little hotter. These men will know just what to ask for and just what to do in order to reach their personal pleasure peak.

Regular self-touch sessions can also give a guy a little control. Men can learn how to spot the signs of an impending orgasm, and they can learn to back away from that pleasurable moment before it hits. When partners are involved, they'll be able to put that knowledge to use, so they won't finish before everyone has the opportunity to have a good time.

A Quick Health Check

In the bump and grind of sex, subtle clues about a man's overall penis health can be ignored altogether. Small little lumps and bumps might pass a quick visual examination, and pockets of insensitive skin might not make their presence known. There's just too much for men to pay attention to, when there's another body in the room that also wants to achieve pleasure.

Masturbation sessions involve a lot less stimulus. Men can take this opportunity to really look at the skin that covers the shaft, and they can compare their physical responses to the responses they've had in the past. Sometimes, they might notice rough patches of skin, in the moments leading up to masturbation, or they might notice that the tool just doesn't seem as responsive as it once was.

When masturbation sessions highlight this kind of tissue damage, there are things men can do in order to take control. For example, men facing insensitive cells might:

  • Switch to laundry detergent that contains no perfumes
  • Steer clear of harsh bath soaps
  • Avoid long bike rides
  • Spend up on protective cups for sports

They might also invest in a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products can nourish starved penile tissues, providing them with the vital nutrients they need in order to function at an optimal level. A teaspoon of these products, applied daily, can give the penis all of the nutrition it needs to transmit signals of pleasure, whether they come from masturbation or from partnered sex. Adding them into a daily routine could be just the ticket to a married, and solo, sex life that's a little more satisfying.

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