Improve Penis Sensation Now for a Valentine's Day Gift to Remember

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    Feb 11, 2014
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Improve Penis Sensation Now for a Valentine Photo by John Dugan

Chocolate, diamonds and red roses are the traditional gifts a guy gives his girl when Valentine's Day rolls around. Any or all of these little goodies might earn a guy a squeal of delight and a peck on the cheek. But chances are, a really romantic girl would rather have something a bit more personal to celebrate Cupid's big day. Specifically, most ladies would love to have a strong partner who has a strong, responsive penis. Proper penis carecould allow a man to boost penis sensation and make this February 14th a night she will always remember.

Advance Planning

A properly sensitive penis can respond with ease, rising to great heights in no time at all. This kind of movement and flexibility is deeply dependent on healthy, well-hydrated skin that is responsive to the touch of a willing partner. On the other hand, if the skin is cracked, dry and brittle, it simply can't participate in the action without causing the guy intense pain.

Similarly, a tool that has been subjected to heavy abuse may have sustained localized skin damage that has resulted in keratinization, a thickening and toughening of the outer dermal layer.

Reversing damage like this isn't something that can be done overnight. In fact, no spa treatments or magical pills can transform a penis from unresponsive to sensitive in just a few days. But men who take a few reasonable steps in the days ahead could be well on the way to obtaining the skin they'll need to drive her wild. Good steps to take include:

1. Wearing very soft, breathable underwear;

2. Abstaining from rough, dry masturbation techniques - in fact, avoiding masturbation at all is best;

3. Avoiding harsh soaps and detergents that can strip the skin of its natural lubricating qualities - use gentle, non-allergenic cleansers instead;

4. Rinsing off with warm (not hot) water and patting dry with a soft towel at least once per day.

Immediate Tasks

All of the advance planning in the world won't help a guy who sabotages his big night by making some ill-advised decisions. For example, penis sensation - and the ability to function at all - can be severely blunted by alcohol. Skipping that last cocktail during the romantic dinner for two on the bog night could help to ensure that the weeks of preparation aren't wasted.

Similarly, when the action begins, a slow and steady pace can also shine a spotlight on a man's sensitivity skills. While rough, fast pounding can certainly get the job done, using soft touches and a slow rhythm can help to sustain a highly enjoyable buildup, which can not only be extremely pleasurable for her; it can also make the final release all the more intense. Going slow might also mean doing less damage to the penis, which can help a man to preserve his sensitivity and perform even better on February 15th.

Extra Help

While focusing on care in the early days of February and being extra cautious on the big night could help many men to deliver a gift that keeps on giving, adding in a penis health creme to the personal care routine - starting now - can provide that extra bit of care that can increase his chances of success. A top-drawer penis creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals and lubricants that have all been carefully chosen, based on the needs of the skin that covers a man's most valuable tool. Daily application of a product like this can give the skin the boost it needs to remain sensitive, flexible and capable of delivering an intense amount of pleasure to any lucky recipient. Adding it to the mix could make the night even more special.

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