Dry Penis Emergency Care 7 Lubricants to Avoid at All Costs

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    Nov 07, 2013
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Dry Penis Emergency Care 7 Lubricants to Avoid at All Costs Photo by John Dugan

A dry penis is not a man's best friend, so it's no wonder that many men may employ external lubrication before engaging in sex, whether with a partner or alone. In the best circumstances, a guy has a stash of proper lubricants available at his beck and call; however, in some cases the opportunity for some tantalizing sex comes up when proper lubricants are not at hand. Tempting though it may be to improvise with some emergency lubricating options, suitable penis care requires restraint in this area to avoid penile irritation.

What's proper anyway?

Many men may wonder what constitutes a "proper" lubricant. The first thing to consider is context, i.e.: what kind of sex is about to be performed?

  • Vaginal intercourse . Water-based or silicone-based lubricants should be used during vaginal intercourse, especially if condoms are used. Oil-based lubricants can cause condom tearing and slippage, so they should be avoided.
  • Anal intercourse . Water-based lubricants are recommended highly; silicone-based are also popular, but some people complain that they sometimes leave a residue that is difficult to clean after use.
  • Masturbation . Water-based, silicon-based and oil-based are all acceptable. The question really is how a man's individual penis is going to react to each of these and to different brands, mixtures and formulas. (By the way, saliva is a perfectly-acceptable water-based lubricant, so as long as a guy isn't stuck in the desert, he's always got a back-up at the ready.)

What's "iffy"

When engaging in partner sex, it's really best to use one of the proper lubricants; when masturbating, there's a bit more leeway. Here are some choices for self-stimulating lubrication that may not be top drawer but could be considered acceptable - with reservations.

  • Soap . Soap is good and slippery and can be used for masturbatory purposes in a pinch. But it tends to need frequent replenishment; grains in the soap can irritate; and chemicals may cause rashes or other reactions.
  • Shampoo . Shampoo doesn't need to be refreshed as often as soap, but otherwise it has the same drawbacks.

What's to avoid

Then there are the options that, no matter how aroused a man may be, just shouldn't be used:

1. Toothpaste . Trust one who knows, the penis is not meant to experience the topical application of toothpaste. While the ingredients in toothpaste may seem harmless, when applied to one's manhood, they produce a stinging sensation which quickly becomes a burning sensation.

2. Shortening or lard . This option is discounted not so much because of what it can do to one's penis but because it is devilishly messy and difficult to get off of the penis, the hands and any clothing or bed sheets it comes in contact with.

3. Avocado . This is listed for basically the same reason as shortening and lard: it creates a big mess. For masturbation, it's a pain; for sex play involving food, however, it can be more manageable and enjoyable.

4. Shaving cream . Men who shave their genitals know that a little shaving cream doesn't hurt. The problem comes when the cream is (1) applied in large quantities and left on for an extended period and (2) enters into the urethra, causing a burning sensation on the interior of the penis.

5. Graphite . It's a great lubricant, but not for the penis. Period.

6. Mud . Yes, when a man is engorged, he will try just about anything: but wet dirt is no cleaner than dry dirt.

7. Muscle soothing ointments . These provide deep heating relief to aching muscles but produce an unbearable burning sensation when applied to one's member.

A man is wise to not attempt sex with a dry penis; he just needs to carry that wisdom through to his choice of lubrication. He also needs to ensure that his overall penis health is being seen to properly by employing a superior penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). This cream is not a substitute for a lubricant, but one with excellent moisturizers such as shea butter and vitamin E can do wonders with soothing a member that is sore from sexual use. In addition, those creams with L-arginine will help penile blood vessels to expand, aiding blood flow in the area.

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