Bedroom Sex Games Adult Truth or Dare

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    Jun 13, 2014
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Bedroom Sex Games Adult Truth or Dare Photo by John Dugan

"Truth or Dare," Spin the Bottle, and 7 Minutes in Heaven are all popular at adolescent boy-girl parties. The combination of innocent experimentation with raging hormones and some naughty ideas are all it takes to get some good party games going for young tweens and teens. But who says the fun and excitement has to stop once adulthood sets in? Learn some surprising sex truths that may not be common knowledge, and take these dares to spice up everyday sex acts -- it’s a double dog dare. Finally, because adulthood does come with certain responsibilities, learn how to play and have fun while keeping maintaining penis health and safety.

Truth: Oral sex can cause cancer of the mouth

Yup, unfortunately, something as seemingly benign as a good hummer can cause certain kinds of cancer. Men and women who are infected with the human papillomavirus can spread the virus to partners via oral sex, and that virus can lead to oral cancer in some individuals. Luckily, being careful about outbreaks and always using a condom - male or female - during oral sex can help prevent the spread of the virus between partners.

Dare: When performing safe oral sex with condoms in place, spice things up a little by adding an ice cube to the mix. The intense cold of the cube being rubbed on those delicate areas mingled with the hotness of one’s breath will invigorate a humdrum performance. Pop the cube in the giver’s mouth to create a sultry mix of hot and cold!

Truth: Many women cannot climax from intercourse alone

That’s correct. Sure, it would be easier if a guy had to concentrate on little more than thrusting, but for most women, he could pump away all night long and she’d never get there. That is because the most sensitive, nerve-packed lady part on a woman, her clitoris, is located on the outside, where it is more difficult for the penis to stimulate from thrusting alone. Luckily, there are other ways to get the job done and most men don’t mind a little extra work for a big payoff.

Dare: Bring a vibrator into the bedroom, or simply pull it out of her bedside stand. Not just for masturbation, vibrators can - and should - be integrated into a couple’s love making sessions. This can make it easier for the woman to climax - double dare bonus points for the man who allows experimentation with the vibrator on him!

Truth: Condoms always need to be changed when switching activities

Absolutely! Though it may seem easy enough to go from vaginal sex to oral sex or anal sex without changing the condom - so long as the man never ejaculated - this is an extremely dangerous practice. For instance, going from anal sex to vaginal sex without changing the condom would introduce fecal matter into the vagina and could cause an infection. Not only is it a good idea to switch condoms between activities, it is also a good idea to wash hands to prevent the spread of infection as well.

Dare: Many couples consider anal sex to be the final frontier, but it is one that should only be explored if both partners are feeling daring. In order for the activity to be successful, it needs to proceed very slowly - to prevent tearing, rupture, or bleeding -- and must always be performed with a brand new condom. It doesn’t hurt to use a lot of lube, too - the more, the better!

Keeping the penis healthy

When it comes to penis health, a man should never be daring when it comes to his health. Careful, consistent use of condoms can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections - some of which, by the way, have been linked to male infertility problems - in addition to other scary health issues. Getting regular physical exams from a doctor, including frequent screens for sexually transmitted infections, is also key to protecting the health of both partners. Finally, daily use of a penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) specially designed with penis specific nutrients can improve the appearance and sensitivity of the manhood - and that’s the truth.

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