Change Your Life With a TEFL Course in Croydon

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    Dec 14, 2013
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Change Your Life With a TEFL Course in Croydon Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

Sometimes you just need a new direction in life, something that inspires you, gets you out of your familiar surroundings, and challenges you. Many times you can find that new direction with a new career or even a year abroad, and having a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL, can help with that search. TEFL certifications are those which allow a native English speaker to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help teach the language to adults and children in other countries. There are many benefits to taking a TEFL course in Croydon including gaining teaching experience, traveling the world, and finding a job that you can love.

Gain Experience

Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses and certifications can take as little as one month and get you a job teaching in another country. If you are looking for a way to add experience to your resume, especially if you are looking to be a teacher, then a TEFL course in Croydon is a good way to go. These courses will not only teach you the techniques of teaching English as a foreign language, but will also provide you with some classroom experience to help prepare you for the roll of teacher. Once you have your certification, you can find jobs around the world that can provide the experience necessary to get your dream job once you return home.

Travel the World

In addition to gaining practical work experience, taking a TEFL course in Croydon is a good way to travel the world. With a job teaching English as a second language in a foreign country you can spend your time off exploring all that the culture of your location has to offer. Many times you can find positions with a company that allow you to spend a year or so in one country and then transfer to another to broaden your horizons. By spending time living and working in another country you can immerse yourself in the culture, take in all of the different sights, and make new friends.

Find a Job

It can sometimes be difficult to find a job if you do not have experience, or if you are looking for a change of career, and with a TEFL course in Croydon you can have more options. There are many schools and companies around the world who are looking for native English speakers with TEFL certifications to teach. This can be a great opportunity to see what is out there and maybe even fall in love with a career in teaching English.

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