How to Manage Your Time Effectively While Taking a TEFL Course

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    Nov 23, 2013
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How to Manage Your Time Effectively While Taking a TEFL Course Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

Becoming an English teacher is a desirable career goal for many people. However, many are unable to make their dreams a reality because they are unable to get through the TEFL Norwich course that they take for a variety of different reasons. Here are some tips for successfully completing your TEFL course so that you can start travelling the world as an English teacher.

Pay Attention

Many TEFL courses consist of a weekend session followed by 100 hours of online coursework. In order to prepare yourself successfully for the career path ahead of you, pay attention during the weekend portion of your TEFL class. Before each day of this class, get a good night’s rest and eat a filling breakfast so that your mind and body are prepared to concentrate on the vital information that is being taught.

Set Up a Study Space

After you have completed the in-class portion of the TEFL Norwich course you take, you will be on your own to complete the remainder of the course. In order to get through the course as quickly as possible and begin applying for jobs, you will want to set up a designated space to complete your TEFL course. Make sure the area is away from spaces of your home or apartment that are noisy so that you can concentrate on the material at hand.


Many potential English teachers attempt to work, go to school, and manage their family and social life on top of taking a TEFL course. In order to stay on top of your course, you will want to schedule a time in everyday where you will sit down and work on the course. This will ensure that you do not get behind on your TEFL Norwich course or feel overwhelmed by the process. Although you may have to forgo watching your favorite television program at night or hanging out with your friends, this effort will be well worth it in the end.

Stay Motivated

Since the second-half of most TEFL courses are online, it may be difficult to stay motivated and keep up with the course material. If you ever find that you are no longer excited or inspired to get through the TEFL course material, start browsing through job openings and researching the countries where you want to work. This may help you reignite your desire to complete your TEFL Norwich course and will help you get excited about the material in the class. Remember, once you have completed your TEFL course, you will have the necessary skills and credentials to be eligible for well-paying and exciting jobs in foreign countries.

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