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    Dec 17, 2013
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Recognize a TEFL Course Provider with Potential Photo by Robert Had

If you want to complete a TEFL course which will open international doors for you, then you need to find a course provider with the appropriate accreditation. One of the appropriate accreditation organisations is WTEFLAC, or World TEFL Accrediting Commission.

Your online search for a course provider might lead you to a long, long list of course providers. How could you possible narrow that list down so that it only shows the course providers which can lead you to the employment opportunities that you are really hoping for? One of your first, and most important, steps will be to determine whether or not the courses have been properly accredited.

Limiting your choices to those providers who promised a completion certificate for a low price will be a mistake. These providers might be willing to charge you and might provide you with some teaching instruction, but they aren’t monitored by any overseeing committee and aren’t expected to live up to any TEFL standards.

However, your future employers will expect that you have completed a course provided by those who have applied for accreditation from an internationally recognised body, such as WTEFLAC. If you are serious about becoming a TEFL instructor and hope to find a teaching position in a popular foreign country with great benefits, then you need to work with a course provider that has been appropriately accredited by a body such as WTEFLAC.

It is true that there are some TEFL employers who don’t ask that their employees have the appropriate TEFL accreditation. These are risky positions as well. The employers may not have your best interests in mind. You could find yourself in a position with gruelingly long hours, no accommodations or benefits, and very little guarantee that you will get paid for your efforts.

The very best TEFL positions require quality work on the part of all involved. The course provider must provide instruction which meets the standards set by accreditation bodies like WTELFAC, the employer must provide the teaching situations which draw the most qualified teachers, and the new TEFL teacher must be able to show that he or she has completed coursework from an internationally recognised and accredited provider.

Before signing up for a course, check for the following features: Does the course cover at least 100 hours with another 20 hours of actual classroom experience? Does the course have accreditation such as that from WTEFLAC? Will the course provider help you to gain some voluntary experience hours? How important to you is your success as a TEFL teacher?

You will basically get the results that you work for. If you settle for a low quality course provider, then you may have to accept a low quality teaching position with no guarantee of success.

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