The Skills You Will Learn Through a TEFL Course

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    Dec 17, 2013
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The Skills You Will Learn Through a TEFL Course Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

When you want to travel the world and hope to finance your adventures by becoming an English teacher, you’ll first need to enroll in the appropriate TEFL courses. However, it is important that you realize that teaching English as a foreign language is a job which employers take seriously. You will need to show those employers that you have the skills necessary to truly provide the learning experience which the students expect.

With that in mind there are certain skills you should be able to expect to learn through TEFL courses.

One of the most important skills to develop is classroom management. You may know the rules of English grammar inside and out, but if you can’t keep your students involved in the learning process, you may not last long as a teacher. The classroom management skills you learn through the courses should pertain to both children and adults because you could find yourself in both types of classrooms.

You also need to know how to develop your lessons and present the information in ways which your students will understand. There are many different types of learning styles and you need to master the teaching styles which will allow you to reach each of your students. You’ll often be preparing your own lessons, so the ability to adapt your instruction and your materials is an essential skill.

Creating educational materials is a skill than many teachers need to develop. As part of your coursework, you may learn how to use newspapers, blogs, and other daily sources of reading and speaking in order to create materials which are interesting and compelling for the students.

Of course, you will need to attend TEFL courses which provide plenty of experience with the English language. This may include spelling, function, grammar, and patterns of the English language. You want to be prepared to teach vocabulary, pronunciation, and both listening and speaking skills. Your courses will need to help you master all of the rules and knowledge of the English language which you need in order to present these lessons to your students.

You may also want to find out whether or not the courses will provide you with some background on the countries which hire TEFL teachers. Many courses are taught by professionals who were once TEFL teachers and may have pertinent stories and advice to share with you as you prepare to leave your comfort zone and move into a country of brand-new experiences and opportunities.

With the right preparation provided by your TEFL courses, you can head into those teaching opportunities with confidence.

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