Can Guarantee That You Will Be Well Prepared to Teach English as a Foreign Language

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    Dec 20, 2013
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Can Guarantee That You Will Be Well Prepared to Teach English as a Foreign Language Photo by Robert Had

It’s okay to be nervous about teaching English. There’s a lot involved in this career. You will have a classroom full of expectant students facing you each day, and you will need to gain their trust. The academic knowledge you will gain as part of your TEFL course will be one thing; soon you will need to put your knowledge into action.

If you’re planning on teaching English as a career, you have a lot to think about. In order to be as well-prepared as possible for your first time teaching, it’s important to pay attention to TEFL accreditation. Not all TEFL courses are created equal; some may not even give you a very useful curriculum. To make sure that you get hours of practice that is as close to the real experience of teaching as possible, choose a course that is accredited.

Taking a course with the proper TEFL accreditation can give you the necessary insight into a wide variety of aspects of teaching. First of all, you will gain a solid understanding of English grammar and a facility for explaining grammar details to students. You may think you know your native language through and through, but have you ever tried to explain the complex English tense system to someone from Japan? In fact, English tenses are one of the things that foreign students find most challenging (along with the spelling, of course). You’ll need to develop skills for getting these concepts across to students in ways that they can quickly catch on to. You’ll also need to become familiar with giving definitions of everyday words without using the word itself in the definition (and that can be pretty tricky with certain words).

Beyond these academic aspects, courses that fulfill TEFL accreditation requirements will give you the tools you need to be an effective teacher of any subject. You’ll learn how to build rapport from the very beginning, getting you and your students off to a positive start. Rapport basically means gaining the trust of your students so that they will be much more open to paying attention and participating in class. Once you know how to do this, you will feel much less intimidated when you get ready to present in front of a group. You’ll be able to keep up an easygoing and approachable demeanor while making sure that your students stay focused on the work at hand.

So when you’re getting ready to sign up for that TEFL course nearby, make sure that it has the proper TEFL accreditation. This will be a guarantee that you’ll receive the training you deserve!

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