On Benefiting From That Second Language You Took In High-School

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    Apr 24, 2013
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Teacher In Classroom
Teacher In Classroom
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As a translator, I will always push for others to attempt to learn another language. Sure, it may take some time to do, and sure, there may be no one around you who can speak that language, but this should never discourage you from trying to do so.

But now you have, or rather, were forced to, when you took those two year of Spanish/Italian/French/whatever you chose. Wait right there, don’t throw it out of your brain just because summer has rolled around. That second language is going to do a lot for you, so let’s start at the top.

Résumé Points
That’s right my friends, a second language is a wonderful skill you get to put on your résumé. Knowing many languages shows good speaking skills (not to be confused with communication skills), and will certainly get you plus, especially if your second language is one commonly spoken in that area. Just be sure you can speak the language as well you claim, or you might find yourself getting the heave-ho within the first day!

Online Communication
Let’s face it, as great as your home country is, not everyone online will also happen to be from it.  So if you just happen to speak the language of a country-specific forum site, why not go in for a chat? Use this as an opportunity to brush up on your language skills and even pick up a few words and phrases. You don’t have to post if you don’t feel comfortable, but you can still read a funny story or two.

Impress The Ladies/Men
I know of a fellow translator who gets women by dropping pick-up lines in their native language. I’ve seen language used as a sort of secret code between couples, and I’ve seen both genders try to impress each other by showing off just how much they know. Besides, that cute girl/guy in the French class may need some tutoring in the language of love.

Although none of these things may seem applicable to you, don’t give up hope yet. Those years you spent sleeping in Mandarin may have put off your future onset of Alzheimer’s by two years or more! Language has thousands of uses, you just have to go out and find them.

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