Unique Indian Jewellery That Are Suitable For Various Occasions

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    Jul 09, 2013
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Unique Indian Jewellery That Are Suitable For Various Occasions Photo by Ashish  Kaith

India is the land of diversity with varied cultures and traditions, which unite to become a single nation. Imbibing the very same qualities, all Indian jewellery is diverse with respect to their designs. However, the common ingredient which binds them as one is the metal - Gold. Indian's everlasting love and fascination for gold jewellery dates way back in history, to when the kings and queens of different eras draped themselves with gold ornaments from head to toe. The penchant towards gold jewelery has changed with each new generation. Unique, different and sophisticated jewellery designs stir the interest of the present generation, rather than the quantity of gold used in them.

Most foreign countries bear a misconception that Indian jewellery only consists of ornaments made of pure yellow gold. Although, our love for gold and its colour may have created this notion, it is not the only metal used in the ornaments. Jewellery made of white gold, platinum, copper, brass, bronze, silver and even ivory are extensively popular in different parts of India. Jewellery primarily made of glass and wooden beads are also seen in many rural and tribal areas of India. Inspired from their traditions and cultures, different states of India have their own unique patented jewellery designs, which are popular worldwide.

While Delhi is popular for its luxurious Kundan ornaments, Orissa is famous for its delicate Tarakashi or silver filigree jewellery and artwork. The temple town of Nagercoil in South India is famous for its extravagant temple jewellery, and the intricate vibrant designs of Meenakari are popular all over Rajasthan. Surat is renowned for its generous inclusion of diamonds and electroplated brass, and copper jewellery are popular in Moradabad. Varanasi and Purdilpur are famous for their glass-beaded jewelery collection, while Mathura is famous for its wooden-beaded ornaments. The Bidri work and fresh pearl necklaces of Hyderabad, the lac jewellery of Bikaner and the Thewa jewelry of Pratapgarh along with the exotic tribal bead ornaments of Andhra Pradesh, add a different twist to the already vibrant collection of Indian ornaments.

All gold jewellery designs may not be suitable for every attire and occasion. Hence, its necessary to know which jewellery would complement your look and attire. Heavy jewellery designs, especially of gold and silver, are best paired with traditional costumes and open-neck dresses. A long-beaded pearl or glass necklace along with a set of thin metal bangles can go well with both Indian and Western attire. Lac earrings are best when paired with Indian costumes, and huge lac pendants on a simple long chain looks appealing when paired with Western attire. There are ample options available when it comes to Indian ornaments. So, keep on experimenting to make a unique style statement.

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