Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watches

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    Jan 09, 2014
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The Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch series from Seiko includes stylish, well crafted timepieces that are quite popular with watch lovers. Considering the quality of these watches, they are affordable and offer good value for money.

Seiko Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch SNAE67P1

The Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph has been created as a stylish sports watch but goes perfectly well with formal wear. Most sports watches tend to be chunky, but with this Sportura Alarm Chronograph, Seiko has managed to find the right balance. When worn, the watch does not look oversized but suits every wrist.

Although the watch case is made up of stainless steel giving it a sturdy look, the stylish design makes it very attractive. The ion plated tachymeter bezel adds to its sleek looks. The bold markers as well as the hour and minute hands in white stand out on the predominantly black dial of the watch. The seconds hand is yellow in color, matching the yellow stitching on the black leather watch strap, adding a touch of class to the overall look of the watch.

There are three smaller dials within the face of the Seiko Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch. One dial shows the alarm setting, another shows the minutes while the third is for seconds. The quartz analog movement ensures a smooth operation of the hands, giving the impression of a high quality watch.

Seiko kinetic watch Alarm Chronograph SNAE67P1 does not offer a lot of features, but does have a date display on the main face and is water resistant up to 100 meters. All said and done, the Seiko Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch SNAE67P1 provides the essentials that you would look for, encased in an elegant and classy design.

Seiko Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch SNAE97P1

The Seiko Men's Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch SNAE97P1 is a light timepiece, given its quartz movement. At first sight, the face of the watch appears to be a little cluttered with many numbers and dials imprinted on it. However, the white markers interspersed with light green colored bold numerals stand out on the solid black dial of the watch.

The black leather strap also has parallel stitching in the same light green shade, highlighting the sporty look of this Sportura Alarm Chronograph. But, the strap is contoured to fit the wearer's wrist, making it difficult to lay the watch flat on any surface. It is just a minor disadvantage that you learn to live with. Don't miss the cool airplane silhouette for the seconds hand of the stopwatch.

Overall, the Seiko mens watch Alarm Chronograph Watch SNAE97P1 exudes a sporty look that will be appreciated by the adventurous type. It is an affordable watch that is practical, durable, offers useful features and looks great too!

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