Engagement Ring - Does it Always Have to be Diamond?

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    Oct 21, 2013
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Engagement Ring - Does it Always Have to be Diamond? Photo by Kent  Lohan

The classic engagement ring contains a diamond embedded at the center. Women adore diamonds, which is why it is the most common choice for engagement rings. This precious stone, which is the most expensive in jewellers Calgary and in the world, signifies a deep meaning of love and commitment.

Now the question is: Does an engagement ring always have to be diamond?

The answer is no, but if you can afford it, then by all means do not even consider other options. A woman gets engaged and gets married only once in her life (ideally), so you will want to make sure that she will cherish an engagement while she lives.

Diamond—A More Profound Meaning

“Diamonds are forever”. Cliche but true.It’s durability symbolizes a love that never fades. It means that a love worthy of marriage is like a diamond that lasts forever. A diamond engagement ring is given to a woman to signify a man’s intention of marrying her.

The “clear” character of the diamond is a promise of things to come. Plans may change but the love shared is a memory that lasts forever. A diamond ring is a thoughtful gift of promise to a person, which makes it perfect for an engagement.

During the early times, engagement rings were a portion of a bride’s “dowry” or “price. The quality of the ring given during engagement symbolized the status and prosperity of the groom-to-be. Of course, most men chose diamond to impress future in-laws and win the heart of the woman they desired. The same tradition is still being used today, although for the purpose of meeting the expectations of women receiving a diamond ring during engagement.

Giving an engagement ring during a marriage proposal has been a tradition for many years. This is a romantic way of expressing how a man seriously feels about a woman. Although there are other options other than a diamond ring, it is the most popular choice because it is diamond is what most women prefer. Diamond is ultimately the symbol of timeless and unending love.

What Other Stones Can Be Used for an Engagement Ring?

Even during the middle ages, other stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires have been used as alternative to diamond. However, it was discovered that diamonds resist fire and is the strongest among all stones, so it became part of tradition that diamond should represent the unbreakable union of two people during marriage.


Whether you are buying a diamond ring or other types of gems for your engagement, the choice of ring still depends on your personal choice. It doesn’t matter if you choose a classic diamond to your honor your family’s tradition or a completely unique and non-traditional ring. What is important is that the ring will represent true love, respect, honor and commitment that you and your partner will share for the years to come.

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