Nothing Like The Charm Of Indian Jewellery

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    Mar 01, 2013
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Nothing Like The Charm Of Indian Jewellery Photo by Ashish  Kaith

Apart from the traditional customs and rituals that India is well known for, there is an aspect which is a vital part of the Indian culture. This aspect is that of Indian jewellery. This jewellery comprises of a wide array of selection. Be it the ones carved out of rich gold, or ancient traditional wooden jewellery, each piece has a charm and a historical importance of its own. The fact that India has been ruled by different rulers, the culture and richness of each of them is effectively portrayed in various pieces.

Though a major part of this jewellery comprises of gold jewellery, it is not simply restricted to this metal. The use of silver, bronze and other precious stones like corals, rubies and diamonds is also commonly undertaken. It is this amalgamation of various colourful stones and metals is what makes Indian jewellery a class apart from all the rest. The intricacies and fine detailing in every Indian ornament is bound to take anyone's breath away. It showcases the workmanship and artistry of the people involved in its creation.

Such is the allure of these ornaments  that women find it irresistible to get their hands on one of these exquisite pieces. A gold necklace is often considered to be an ideal choice for Indians, to gift to near and dear ones on auspicious occasions. It is a symbol of love, status and attraction altogether. Though the price can be a deterrent at times, it is not a hurdle for all the passionate people who want to convey their feelings through it.

Nowadays, the designs of Indian gold jewellery are a combination of ethnic and contemporary styles. Gone are the days when a large piece of gold ornament was the only highlight of the entire outfit. The focus has now shifted to selected pieces of jewellery that enhance your beauty, along with complimenting the attire worn by you. A statement piece of jewellery is enough to make one the cynosure of all eyes, garnering attention and never ending praises.

The best way to buy a gold necklace for your loved one would be to start saving for it so that you can gift her exquisite present. Nothing beats the joy of showing your love and affection through a unique design, specially styled for that special someone. The charm and elegance exhibited by different kinds of jewellery is hard to miss. No wonder the jeweller's shop is always a crowded place, irrespective of the day or month.


Ashish Kaith, with his expertise in the field of Indian customs and traditions is known for sharing his insight with his readers. His interests include sharing his views regarding Indian jewellery and other aspects of the Indian culture.

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