Orient Divers Automatic Watch

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    Jul 18, 2013
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Orient Divers Automatic Watch Photo by Jasson C

Last week one of my friends asked me a few questions about the Orient Diver's Automatic watch that I was wearing. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to why he was asking the questions so was pleasantly surprised when at our next meet he sported a newer version of the one I was wearing. Wow I thought, at least I surf which is why I bought the Orient Diver's automatic watch - to ensure the waves didn't get inside the watch. My friend on the other hand, did not even swim and yet, there he was sporting a better version than the one I had. But on second thoughts, I guess, that was to be expected.

The Orient Diver's Automatic watch is preferred by successful men who want a watch that complements their lifestyle and supports the daily risks they take. It is not only a highly functional watch; it is also handsome as hell (why else would people who don't even swim wear an Orient Diver's automatic?)

Each Orient Diver's Automatic watch is manufactured from scratch in Japan. The innards are all custom-made by Orient itself and not sourced from China or some other country manufacturing cheap parts and knock-down units. As a result, in the Orient Diver's Automatic watch, you will not find any mismatched parts barely able to function as a whole. Nope! The Orient automatic watch is finely crafted and finely tuned machine that does what it is supposed to do well - display the time perfectly despite the pressure of water surrounding it.

Thanks to the tough, 4mm scratch resistant Sapphire crystal (with anti-reflective coating) and use of jewels, the Orient automatic dive watch also takes knocks and scratches and bumps effortlessly. It is a well designed, chunky watch that in terms of quality, will last you a lifetime. You can wear it to a party, or while swimming, hiking, biking or skydiving - the Orient Diver's Automatic watch fits right in.

Any Orient Diver's Automatic watch you pick up oozes power. It sends a strong message that the person wearing it is not someone you mess with.

Every Orient automatic diver watch you buy has numerous easily accessible dive related features. The professional divers swear by these features and most feel their lives might well depend on it. They also point out that unlike other dive watches the Orient Diver's Automatic watch does not have a gas release valve (to release the gas that builds up during a dive). This is because the Orient Diver's Automatic watch is so tightly sealed that despite the external pressure, there is negligible chance of a helium build up and hence, no need for a gas release valve and the case is very corrosion resistant. The large numbers or markers and lumen coating also make reading the time very easy.

The bezel of the Orient automatic diver watch for men is engineered to perfection with numbers and markers engraved in gunmetal gray. So whether you are in the deep blue sea or trying to impress folks at a party, the Orient Diver's Automatic watch is a great watch to wear.

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