Gold Rush This Wedding Season

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    Jun 24, 2013
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Gold wedding rings
Gold wedding rings
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The wedding season has arrived and the yellow metal is in high demand. Recently there has been a dip in the gold price, which is a good omen for everyone who loves Indian jewellery. India is the world's largest buyer of gold and the wedding season will ensure that its place is not challenged by any other country. It is a tradition in India to decorate the bride with gold jewellery. Gold is also considered as an excellent gifting item.

The Indian wedding tradition has an ancient origin. It is not just a cultural practice. It is a lot more than that. People buy gold with savings, which they have accumulated over the years. They love to flaunt their gold jewellery. It has a sense of vanity attached to it, but the entire obsession with gold is much bigger than that. It is a mixture of, culture, tradition, fashion and economics. TBZ is one of the leading brands, which caters to the Indian jewellery market. They have an extensive range of gold ornaments, which are affordable as well as appealing. TBZ's dazzling Dohra and Ria collections are renowned for their charm.

People in India splurge their savings on gold necklace, temple jewellery and other types of gold ornaments. They do not limit their gold purchase to weddings and other traditions. They also purchase gold with the intention of investment. Research suggests that both the urban and the rural market spend on gold as an investment. They consider it to be an asset. An asset, which is not vulnerable to the fluctuating government policies. 

India has tough competition, when it comes to countries who buy gold. People in Turkey are also amazed by the beauty of the yellow metal. They also purchase a lot of gold jewellery during wedding ceremonies. People in Vietnam purchase gold, purely from the perspective of saving and investment. A wedding is an important occasion, not only for the bride and the groom, but their families as well. It is an event for the well wishers, who turn up for the occasion to bless the couple. The wedding is an opportunity to flaunt their jewellery and engage with peers in a snobbish and in an elaborate way. Nowadays, families prefer to invest in gold rather than investing in stocks and real estate for their children. Considering the demand and supply equation, this is the right time to purchase gold during this wedding season.


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