Indian Traditional Gold Necklace Designs

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    Nov 21, 2013
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Indian Traditional Gold Necklace Designs Photo by Ashish  Kaith

In a diverse country like India, where one can find a wide range in language, culture, traditions etc., a huge variety is available  in the designs and patterns of gold set. Every piece from every part of the country is unique and reflects rich cultural history of the country. Here is a small insight on the diverse gold patterns and designs available in various parts of India.

The Traditional Maharashtrian gold jewellery designs:
In Marathi families living in Maharashtra, the jewellery worn on the day of the wedding is usually passed on from one generation to another. There are brides who exchange the old designs for new ones and there are brides who carry forward the tradition. The traditional jewellery passed on to the bride consists of, Laxmi Haar (Goddess Laxmi's necklace), is worn in neck and is long in length. This old design is still fresh in style. Another beautiful and unique gold piece is worn on arms by the brides and it is called Baju Bandha, this is to enhances the beauty of the bride's hands. Chincha Pethi is another type of necklace that fits the neck and enhances the grace of a Marathi bride. These are the various traditional Marathi designs found commonly in Maharashtra.

The Traditional Bengali gold necklace design:
Girls in India dream about their big day for many years before marriage. The wedding outfit and  jewellery play the most important role on their big day. They gold jewellery worn on their wedding day has a significant meaning to it and adds an extra shine to the big day. There are many traditional Bengali designs, in various shapes and length found. Even a single necklace be it long or short can make the bride look graceful. There are many traditional Bengali designs like, Angur Lata Haar (Grape vine motif gold necklace), this type has a design that looks like grapes. There is another design called the Sita haar, it is long and gives the wearer a royal look. This design was famous is 50's and 60's and the fashion is coming back. There is another design named Choker, this design hugs the neck and makes it look royal and classy.

The Traditional South Indian gold designs:
South India is famous for its huge range of designs made in gold. People all across the world specially go to South India to buy the huge range of collection they have to offer. Temple jewellery is very commonly known amongst the non South Indians. This design resembles various figures of God and goddesses. Another very famous South Indian jewellery is Oddiyanam, this is a waist belt found on every South Indian bride. Sometimes this waist belt has a center-piece  that features goddesses or some abstract images. Maangaamaalai is another traditional design commonly found there. This necklace has a unique design that consist of stone studded mangoes strung together with a huge pendant that resembles peacocks. This type of gold piece is worn on the chest above the naval and is believed to prevent pulmonary disorders.

These are the various patterns and designs made from gold, found in various parts of India.


Ashish Kaith has visited all the four side of the country to personally study the various gold necklace patterns and the value that they hold in the Indian culture.

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