Specifically Designed and Affordable Range of Orient Diver Watches

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    Mar 24, 2014
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Specifically Designed and Affordable Range of Orient Diver Watches Photo by Jasson C

Orient Watches are known for their functionality, reliability and good looks. An affordable range of Orient Diver watches is available in the Orient Mako Series which is perhaps the most popular in the market today. Although the Orient Mako is a classic diver's watch meant to be worn while in the water, it looks good on your wrist outside water too.

While Orient offers a whole range of watches including diver watches to suit every budget, the Mako is specifically designed to meet the needs of divers. The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. The dial colors of the Orient Mako range from black to stunning blue to a sporty orange and the large face of the watch make it easy to read the time even under water. Additionally, it has luminous hands and hour markers that light up at night for easy reading of time.

The watch straps of Orient Diver Watches are specifically designed so that they can be adjusted to fit over a diving suit. The strap material is also water friendly so that you can wear Orient Diver watches while on your swim. The watch case is usually made of stainless steel which is again a good feature for a diver watch. The Orient Mako series is competitively priced making it an affordable diver watch with all the essential dive related features.

Before you get the impression that Orient makes only an affordable range of diver watches, let me tell you that they offer some seriously high-end models as well. The Orient Diver Automatic Saturation Diver is a solid, masculine watch that incorporates all dive related features. I wouldn't say it falls within the affordable range, but considering the features on offer, it is definitely worth the price.

As its name suggests, the Orient Automatic Diver 300M watch is specifically designed as a saturation diver watch and is water resistant up to depth of 300 meters. Being a saturation diver, the watch case is tightly sealed so it does not need a release valve for helium buildup as you resurface from the deep seas. Another attribute specifically designed for diver watches is the fact that the case is made of anti corrosive material. Also, the watch bracelet is well constructed and designed to be adjustable so as to fit over a dive suit.

Minute markers are essential in a diver's watch and the Orient automatic dive watch does not disappoint – bold minute markers appear on the chapter ring of the watch. It also has a power reserve indicator to show how long the watch will work. To recharge the watch, simply wear it for a while.

The crystal on the watch face is anti-reflective allowing you to read the time even at angles. Large hour markers and hands filled with luminescent material add to the clarity of the watch. Perhaps, the most important feature that adds to the watch's worth is Orient's automatic movement that is manufactured in-house. Japanese movements as we all know keep perfect time and are extremely reliable.

All said and done, the Orient Saturation Diver watch is specifically designed for some serious diving although it looks handsome on the wrist even otherwise.

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