Elegance Meets Functionality in Orca an Orient Automatic Divers Watch for Men

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    Aug 01, 2013
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Elegance Meets Functionality in Orca an Orient Automatic Divers Watch for Men Photo by Jasson C

Today we review the Orca - a different kind of Orient automatic diver watch for men from Orient of Japan. Although offered under the umbrella name of Diver's automatic, this is not a professional diver's watch. But it being water resistant up to depths of 100 meters (just over 300 feet), it would look great on the wrist of any skin diver or shallow water diver or water sports enthusiast.

Unlike pro divers automatics which are real monsters, the Orca is a beautiful pearl of a watch (especially the white dial), that will look handsome on your wrist in the water and also out of it. We dare say it will even fetch you some sly, 'come hither' looks during a party. A macho man with an Orca - the Orient automatic diver watch, spells class and a sense of pride in himself.

The Orca Orient diver watches for mens comes in elegant and finely finished steel case and bracelet. It sports a matching unidirectional bezel; makes you out to be either a serious water sports enthusiast or a man who values accuracy and elegance. The Orca sports luminous hands and indexes which look grand especially when you drive at night. Your co-passengers can't but help notice your style and the statement an Orient diver watches makes.

We called the Orca a 'Pearl' for good reason - the clean contrast of the white dial against a finished silvery steel case is nothing short of stunning. It spells class and its 41mm case is very much in tune with current trends. At the very least, you won't have to squint to read the time. A fairly large day and date window ensures you know the date, day and time precisely. That's the Orca for you - a very functional Orient automatic watches for men from the Orient Company of Japan.

For the uninitiated, Orient is famous for only using parts that they custom manufacture themselves. They do not believe in outsourcing or importing cheap parts. When you wear an Orient diver's automatic watch for men, you not only wear class, you also wear quality that lasts you a lifetime. This is borne out by the fact that many online forums carry adverts offering used Orient diver's automatic watch for men - watches that are 10 or 15 years old but keeping time accurately. Very few watch manufacturers make watches like that any longer.

Orca, the Orient Diver’s automatic for men does not need to be manually wound. It uses the movement of your wrist to automatically wind itself up. You no longer have to remember whether you've wound up the watch - just wear it and forget it. It winds itself up, keeps accurate time and looks fabulous on your wrist. What more does one need?

Spanish speakers would love the fact the day on the day window can also be set to display the days in Spanish. If a steel bracelet bothers you (due to size of the wrist or other concerns), you can also opt for the Orca with rubber strap. The rubber strap fits quite snugly and is skin-friendly. The rubber strap is black in colour and has a very slight sparkle to it that looks nice but is only noticeable up close.

Orca, the Orient m force diver for men, buys you class and functionality without burdening you with deep dive features you might not really require.

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