Blue Diamond Ring Shows the Deep Colors of Ocean

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    Sep 26, 2013
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Blue Diamond Ring Shows the Deep Colors of Ocean Photo by Gem King

The captivating color of ocean water, its light and dark shades, the lovely hues and the charm of its uniqueness can make anyone fall in love with it. And, so does the beautiful blue diamond stone. Wear or gift a blue diamond ring and let the blue hue exhibit its glamour!

Blue diamond is a rare to find stone and is quite expensive, but lovers of this stone are ready to pay any amount to let it shine on their finger! Observing this ever increasing demand, the scientists have successfully managed to create this fancy stone in laboratory. And the magic is, these lab created blue diamonds exhibit similar physical, optical and chemical properties as those of mined diamonds. It gives a hard time even to experts to find the difference between the two, until they take it under the magnifying glass.

Diamonds have always been the first choice when it comes to rings and since ages, people have been madly in love with these majestic stones. Their name is derived from a Greek word “adamas”, meaning “unbreakable”.  Since these stones are very hard and last for long, they are becoming the synonym of the word “forever”, and hence people associate it with their love and choose this stone to be studded in their engagement rings. But, people who desire to make a difference, opt for fancy diamonds, which look richer than the white diamonds. These fancy stones are available in many colors, blue diamond being the rarest of all.

Diamonds are popular for their healing properties. Their vibrations are said to strengthen every part of the body, even the brain.  They are believed to assist with balancing metabolism, abating allergies and building strength and stamina. These stones are powerful amplifiers of energy and are said to enhance the healing properties of other gemstones when worn along with diamonds. Blue diamonds are believed to strengthen one’s will and improve health. These all features contribute towards the ever increasing craze towards diamonds universally.

Though the brick and mortar markets keep a wide range of this fancy stone rings, but the online stores like can assist you in choosing the perfect one for you, as they have a large number of unique and stylish designs to make a choice. The option to choose the stone (size, quality), metal (silver, platinum, white gold or yellow gold) makes it very interesting shopping.  The feature that makes it more tempting to buy online is the free choice to get it studded with other gemstones of your choice. Generally, people get it combined with white diamonds, yet the options are unlimited. The desire of getting a blue diamond on your ring and that too in your budget is gaining popularity these days. Just choose a lab created blue diamond and make your diamond ring a pocket friendly one! Get it on your finger and enjoy the beauty at its best!

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