Know the SEIKO 5 before buying one

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    Oct 21, 2013
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Know the SEIKO 5 before buying one Photo by Jasson C

I'm not sure if it's the Law of Attraction that came into play, but as I strolled lazily across the watch counters inside the departmental store last weekend, something caught my attention. For the last couple of weeks, I was thinking of bringing in a Seiko Superior into my collection and I found this one dead dashing. I couldn't hold back from holding it with own hands before going searching for it at Seiko dive watches, which I found and now (the cut-down prices responsible) waiting its arrival.

However, that's not what the point is; it is about the wrong information from some of the counter-sales personnel, which is enough to change the decision of a casual wearer.

While checking the Superior, I casually asked the sales girl a bit about the Seiko 5 series - not that because I wanted to buy, but generally - and I concluded I'm a better person to be behind the counter. At least, I take watches passionately and would hate to give out faulty info just to make a sale.

So all that aside, here's a lowdown on something that I also hold dear, the seiko watch titanium, so that you stay well informed before you get your hands on one.

The titanium seiko watch gets its name not because it was the fifth line of watches from the manufacturer but because it has the following 5 attributes. These are automatics (1), resist water (2), resist shock (3), show the date (4) and the day (5). Now, while these features are part of other Seiko-s as well, but during the time the Seiko 5-s were introduced, these formed parts of watches that were way beyond the reach of a common man's budget. Seiko 5 opened the door and also held it wide open for days to come.

But here's the catch. There is SEIKO 5-s in which the Day is omitted. These run on Caliber 7S25 instead of the 7S26; for re-issues, it's the 7S36 caliber with 23 Jewels (2 more than the 7S26). However, they all beat at 21’600 bph, which is 6 beats per second, as good as Citizen’s Miyota (82xx) but definitely a lot less than ETA; the least it will beat is 8 times a second. All these three form the core of excellent yet inexpensive mechanical watches, so to fight your way in and out of a huge market, this info shall help.

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