Orient Star Automatic watches

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    Jun 11, 2013
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Orient Star Automatic watches Photo by Jasson C

Orient of Japan built its reputation on quality. Each and every watch in their fantastic line-up withstands the test of time and accuracy. However, their ‘Star’ collection stands apart not only because these are the crème de la crème amongst their range of watches, but also because they have that certain vanity value due to the features, design and of course, the price tag. If you only settle for the best amongst the best, then the Orient Star Automatic watches are for you.

Based on the type of design you like and features you prefer, there are several Orient ‘Star’ watches you could choose from:

The Orient Star Retrograde: Orient mako watch is a beautiful piece and comes in white or Blue dial. The innards are housed in a secure 39.5 mm x 14.25 mm brushed and polished steel case that gives it a nice solid and chunky feel. Add the scratch resistant anti-reflective Sapphire crystal and you have the makings of class.

Run your eye over the crystal, the case and the bracelet and you realize that some serious thought and design effort and has gone into the making of the Blue orient mako - a star amongst the Orient perpetual calendar watch. The workmanship is flawless - in fact, the detailing around the bevel’s lip and on the lugs are particularly well executed.

But don't stop there. Feast your eyes too on the dial. Notice the level of detailing there; the dial has two-levels! There’s the main dial face and then there are the three registers placed at a second level. Clearly, the perfectionists at Orient watches have gone the extra length just to create this beautiful visual effect.

The polished markers in the three registers complement the polished hour and minute hands. There is generous application of quality luminous chemical to the hour and minute hands that seem to stay lit almost the whole night. The outer track of the dial face too has liberal use of luminescent plots giving the entire watch a super cool effect even at night - there is zero strain on your eyesight.

Thanks to the ultra large luminous dial and well placed day and date functions, the Orient star automatic watch is very readable. There’s also the popular, highly sensitive power reserve indicator. Why sensitive? Watch it carefully as you wind the movement and you will see the power indicator swing graciously to full power. In fact, every feature is inter-connected and works precisely as it should. There truly is nothing more satisfying than technology that works perfectly and is also beautiful to behold.

The Orient Star Retrograde is a gem amongst the Orient Star Automatic watches and is well worth the $1,000 price tag.

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