Gold Necklace And Other Gold Jewellery Found In Kerala

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    Dec 09, 2013
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Gold Necklace And Other Gold Jewellery Found In Kerala Photo by Ashish  Kaith

Kerala is commonly known as 'God's own country' because of the number of temples found here. It has a vast cultural background and has a rich 'Golden' history. These days, Kerala is also termed as the richest state because of the amount of gold worn by the women living there. The brides in Kerala have a tradition of wearing a large amount of gold on their wedding day. Hence, a wide range of gold jewellery designs are found in Kerala. It is the best place for brides-to-be to shop for gold, as a huge variety is found in gold ornaments.  

Wearing the perfect gold necklace on the day of your wedding is very important. It not only complements the dress/ saree of the bride, but also enhances her beauty. The various designs found these days are inspired from various elements of life and nature. Some designs are inspired from beautiful flowers and leaves, while some are inspired from the “7 vows” taken by the couple. Having a necklace that matches the bride's nature enhances her beauty, and raises the value of that necklace in her life, to a greater height. These designs are available in various jewellery shops in Kerala and the quality of gold found here, is at it's very best.

Temple jewellery designs found in Kerala are a speciality. This type of jewellery resemble Gods and Goddesses, and gives a very rich and royal look. Majority of the South Indian women possess this type of jewellery, as it is also a symbol of devotion towards God and a financially sound life. Many women all across the world are attracted towards this design, and carry it of well with their silk sarees. This makes for an elegant and royal South Indian woman. Gold is not only used to enhance the beauty, but it is also collected as an asset of financial security, since the value of gold never decreases and its importance always increases.

Gold sets and other gold ornaments worn during marriages or other auspicious occasions hold a very important value in every woman's life. It ensures financial security to the woman and her family, as well as improves her social status. In Kerala, gold forms an integral part in the social status and life of its people. The purity found in gold there is unbeatable and the designs are unmatchable. What else could one ask for! So, the next time you plan on buying gold, visit 'God's own country' and shop for that precious metal with great quality assurance and a great variety in designs.


Ashish Kaith is a renowned writer and has a vast knowledge about gold and other precious metals. He educates people about gold and gold jewellery designs through his writing.

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