Astrology Facts About Red Coral and Gomed Stone

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    Sep 18, 2013
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Astrology Facts About Red Coral and Gomed Stone Photo by Shivangi Gupta

Wearing a gemstone that suits you can change the course of your entire life. In this article we tell you the effect of Red coral and gomed stone can have on your life.

Gomed Stone
This gemstone hessonite is the stone for those belonging to the zodiac sign aquarius. This stone is known to bring the wearer with immense health, power, clout and a protective cover against illnesses such as inflammations of the skin. It is also believed to regulate the functioning of the heart and blood flow and aid in reducing anxiety, anger, restlessness and depression. It has been documented that the stone hessonite was exchanged as gift between friends to show their affection and commitment for each other. This stone also ensures that the friends stay in touch and meet again.

For those with limited knowledge on gemstones, Gomed is a popular cold gemstone that works towards curing illnesses caused by Saturn and Rahu. When worn with other gemstones, hessonite heals gastric problems, energy and appetite. It brings money, overall well being and good health. However, if the gemstone does not suit the person it is said to cause restlessness and deep dissatisfaction within. The other benefit of wearing a Gomed stone is it that it helps in gaining victory over enemies.

All people associated with entertainment industry or media like music, dance, cinema, publishing are known to benefit very well from this stone. Those who are involved in trade, printing, shops, grocery, clubs also should wear a hessonite for brisk business.

Red coral

Red coral stone is available online. This stone is particularly worn if the person has a weak Mars in his/her horoscope. Red Coral also makes the wearer dynamic, energetic and self confident in conducting themselves. A red coral may help the person get rid of fear towards the unforeseen and bad dreams. Also wearing this stone will give the person a cutting edge over peers, competitors and seniors.

A red coral stone helps people build finances, increases determination, vitality, and leadership qualities. This stone also protects against witchcraft, accidents, and lightning. This stone helps defeat mental depression, and protects women from widowhood. Red coral is also thought to aid meditation and bring happiness.

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