The Elegance and Grace of the Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

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    Mar 04, 2014
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Kate's Engagement Ring
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Marquise cut engagement rings have a specific shape that is said to have originated from France. During his reign, King Louis the XIV had commissioned a jeweler to make a special diamond ring shaped after lips and mouth of his then mistress Marquise de Pompadour. Since then, marquise cut engagement ring has gained widespread popularity, as it signifies intense romanticism and royal admiration. It’s really a gemstone with great visual effect.

Actually, a marquise cut diamond is a cross between a diamond and oval shape. With its smooth, rounded sides and pointed ends, this classy cut is certainly a beauty as a multi-stone grouping or as a solitaire. Some people prefer to have their marquise as a center stone in the grouped setting, but this style looks quite fetching when it is placed as side stone with a princess cut or round diamond as a center stone.

The gemstones used in marquise cut engagement rings have been designed to appear much larger than they actually are. This unique aspect is another reason why so many men choose this cut when choosing their engagement ring as a present for their beloved. Mostly, the ration of diamond is 2:1, and the length of stone is around twice than its width. This way, stone gets a totally unique appearance that’s not seen with other cuts.

Most of the brands offering marquise cut engagement rings use platinum because it is much more valuable and sturdy than gold and appears more pleasing to human eyes. When choosing a ring for your lady, marquise cut engagement ring is something you should seriously thing about. Some people want to save money and go for white gold as an acceptable option when it comes to marquise cut engagement ring, and invest more money in the stone itself.

Marquise cut engagement rings have been the favorite cut for millions of people around the world. The cuts of the diamond helps in maximizing the carat body weight. Sometimes cutting a rough gemstone into a marquise cut can yield sixty percent more carat weight that if you’ve compared it to the yield with brilliant cut diamonds.
The perfect proportions for any marquise diamond are that the length should exactly be twice that of its width. When buying a diamond with this cut, you should be careful about its cut. If it is poorly cut, it may suffer “bow tie” effect”. If the light is not refracted or reflected properly within or outside the stone because its facets have not been positioned properly, then a black area may appear from where no fire or brilliance emanates. Only few marquise diamonds suffer from this phenomenon, but it may become problematic only when its’ large enough because then it will affect its sparkle.

If you are interested in making a custom engagement ring, you should understand all about color, clarity, cut and carat before buying one for your needs. Many online stores offer great deals on these rings, and can ship your order right to your door.

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