Shades Of Gold Jewellery

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    Oct 18, 2013
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Shades Of Gold Jewellery Photo by Ashish  Kaith

When you think of gold jewellery, which color first comes to your mind? Yellow, right? Don't you wish for colorful gold sets that will match your different outfits? Well, the good news is, it is possible! Gold now comes in various shades, with the same quality. The colors are generously obtained by alloying gold with different metals in various proportions. For example, if you mix silver with gold, you will get the color white, and if you mix copper with gold, then you will get the color red. With this new and amazing technique, you can buy gold in different shades, to suit your many moods and styles.

The colorful gold jewellery can be gifted to your loved ones on various occasions, for instance, you can gift some white gold jewellery on a wedding anniversary. White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with one white metal like nickel, manganese or palladium. Its purity is given in karats, and white is the symbol of peace and happiness. On Valentine's day, you can gift your loved one a red gold set, to express your love in a unique style. Red gold is made from the combination of copper and gold; it is also the symbol of love and passion. To make-up after a break-up, you can gift your lady a diamond necklace with a purple colored gold base. Purple is the color of magic, so the magic of good luck will surely be by your side. Purple gold is a combination of gold and aluminum inter metallic. The combination consists of 79% gold, making it an 18 karat piece of gold. For the ladies, surely your man likes the color blue; so, you can express your love by gifting him a blue colored gold band, which will make him look trendy and smart. The blue colored gold is made with the combination of gold and indium.

Black is a very 'in' color, and to compliment your little black dress, black gold is now available in many jewellery stores. Black gold is made by the method of electroplating, by using rhodium and ruthenium. Solutions that contain ruthenium give a deep and dark shade to the jewellery, compared to rhodium. The black gold set will make you look gorgeous for any social event. To contrast that little black dress, grey colored gold sets are also available. Grey gold is made by adding specific ratios of silver, manganese and copper.

Shades of precious jewellery will turn your ordinary day, into an extra-ordinary one.

Ahish Kaith is an expert in judging gold jewellery. His vast knowledge and several years of experience makes him a reliable consultant for gold transactions.

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