Green Grandeur - The May Birthstone Emerald

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    Apr 15, 2014
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Green Grandeur - The May Birthstone Emerald Photo by Suresh Kumawat

Anything that looks beautiful immediately catches our attention. This is especially true in case of certain things. Jewelry definitely deserves mention here for they almost always manage to captivate us with their absolute beauty. While most varieties have their own unique splendor there are certain kinds that are awe inspiring. Emerald jewelry happens to be one such example. The very fact that these stones are considered the most coveted and beautiful of the lot is reason enough for any piece of jewelry set with them to look awesome.

There is a magical quality about these stones that makes them so irresistible and it comes as no surprise that they used to be the well-loved gem of the royals of yesteryears no matter which part of the globe they belonged to. The beautiful green color of these stones set it apart from the rest and in spite of the natural flaws and inclusions they have, the grandeur they exude is tremendous. It is not without reason that any piece of jewelry that is set with these stunning stones is much sought after. They look absolutely amazing and no matter what clothes you team them with you can be certain your jewelry will always fetch you appreciative glances.

Also the wide variety of styles and designs available in every category whether rings, earrings, pendants or any other make it possible for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do they bring in a dash of color to anything you wear with their lovely green hue but also add to the style quotient. In fact jewelry that is  set with these timeless beauties have taken the fashion and jewelry world by storm and you will rarely find a red carpet event that doesn’t have an ample and lavish display of these gems in various forms of jewelry.

Whether a piece is set alone with these gorgeous stones or also has the presence of dazzling diamonds, each has a distinctive look and beauty and you can select what appeals to you the most. If you are someone who is in awe of the fascinating green color of these stones then pieces that flaunt just them would look great. The gorgeous green looks prominent and enjoys complete attention in these pieces especially if they are solitaires. In fact with single stone pieces the entire attention remains on the stone that exudes the vivid green color in the most magnificent way.

Available in many different shapes from classic to contemporary you can pick what you love most. You need to be careful in your selection though for emeralds are exquisite but also expensive stones especially when they come in slightly bigger sizes. It always helps to understand what you’re buying so get to know how color, clarity, cut and carat affect a stone’s beauty and worth. If not the solitaires you can always opt for pieces where multiple stones in smaller shapes and sizes are set in interesting and pretty looking patterns. These give an impression of size and come in many fascinating designs that will steal your heart.

If you enjoy a mix of both color and shimmer then go ahead and pick something that also has a splash of diamonds. The effect these pieces have cannot be described for the perfect blend of color and shimmer creates an effect that is breathtakingly beautiful. No matter what you choose you can be sure of one thing your emerald jewelry will be envied for its beauty and grandeur.

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Not to mention the fact that emerald jewelry is timeless and meant to be treasured. Myself, Suresh Kumawat has written a lot on jewelry, especially on emerald as its my one of the favorite stones.

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