How To Generate Targeted Traffic For Your Online Home Business That Will Never Miss

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    Oct 08, 2013
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How To Generate Targeted Traffic For Your Online Home Business That Will Never Miss Photo by Tim Morisma

There are lots of traffic strategies on the Internet that focuses on different traffic sources such as Google and Facebook which are the two most biggest websites for traffic, but what 98% of online marketers fail to realize is that instead of going after the biggest traffic sources, you need to find a target audience who needs what you have and in this article I'm going to show you how to generate targeted traffic for your online business.

See, you must first find a targeted audience who needs what you have, and that's done through market research. You have to find yourself a starving crowd, so instead of focusing on a traffic source, you need to focus on finding a starving crowd who needs what you have through effective market research.

I want to briefly touch on how to conduct an effective market research. First you want to select a niche you want to market in; for this example let's just say the "Make Money Online" niche. You want to conduct keyword research using keywords that people are seeking out, something specific like "how to make money online", using a free tool such as Google Keyword Planner. Then you want look at the volume of searches for that particular keyword using exact match, because this will be a more accurate measure of the number of people actually searching that particular keyword and make a list of your search.

Once you're able to identify who your target audience is, then you can focus on finding where they are. You need to make a list of Forums, Blogs and Groups using the keywords from your research to find them. Research the list of Forums, Blogs and Groups, and find out what questions are people asking, what problems are they having and offer your solution.

The better you get on identifying your target audience and finding where they are, the easier it will be to find them and supply them with what you have. If they're in forums or groups, join the discussion and leave a link to your offer. If they're searching videos on YouTube or reading articles on Blog posts, then create that type of content offering value. By offering more value, it will place you ahead of your competition.

You can add more value by offering a free report, or free training videos that will create more trust within your targeted audience.

You need to get involve in the niche that you're in and connect with the people who are looking for what you have.

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