Email Solo Ads-The Easiest Way To Build A Massive, Profitable List

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    Oct 08, 2013
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Email Solo Ads-The Easiest Way To Build A Massive, Profitable List Photo by Tim Morisma

Solo ads is a very popular marketing strategy in the internet marketing industry, and one of the most powerful ways to get massive traffic instantly. A solo ad is a solo mailing purchased from other marketers who are known as sellers who have a list of email subscribers. Basically you're renting out their list by paying them to send out an email that you've written to their subscribers, it's a low-cost way of getting your message out to large number of targeted prospects related to your niche for a higher response rate.

First thing you want do is find a list owner that has a list related to your niche who is actually selling a solo ad. The most popular places you can find a solo ad seller is Safe-Swap and Directory Of Ezines. At Safe-Swap you can approach sellers and ask them about placing an ad with their subscribers. Directory Of Ezines provides you with a complete directory of list owners for basically every niche that's out there, where you can find hundred's of ezines related to your niche.

You can either pay a fixed price or a performance based agreement, fixed price meaning that you pay a fixed price for a certain amount of clicks and performance based meaning that you pay-per-click or per opt-in.

I recommend fixed price for someone just starting out being that it gives you a way to have full control over your budget and you'll know the amount of traffic reaching your capture page. Performance based is recommended for someone with a lot more experience and knows what they're doing.

The difference between success and failure with solo ads depends on the quality of the email lists. What you need to be aware of is that there are large percentages of solo ad sellers who have compiled a list of "freebie seekers", people who are looking for free information and are not interested in spending money. And on top of that, you have solo ad sellers who generate fake clicks resulting in zero results for a customer. So when contacting a seller it's best to ask questions like;

What is the average open rate of the list when mailed to?

How many people, once they open, actually click through to the offer?

Does your list respond to business opportunity offer?

The most important factor when you're researching the multitude of sellers is being able to find a seller who has an email list that are comprised of actual buyers. Marketers who are successful with solo ads build a list of actual buyers.

You want follow these 5 basic steps to sending out a solo ad:

1. Create a capture page if you don't have one already

2. Write a compelling subject that attracts attention and an e-mail that will entice the reader to click through to your capture page.

3. Contact a list owner who has a large list that's related to your niche

4. Set up your tracking, using tracking tools like, hypertracker,, and goggle url shortener, to test and track the response and performance of your ads.

5. Purchase the solo ad and book your mailing with the list owner

Once you have good results you can scale up your traffic by advertising to more lists and ezines. Don't give up if your mailing isn't a success, learn from whatever mistakes you've made by testing and tweaking your ads and sticking to what works.

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