Importance of brand positioning

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    Sep 25, 2013
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Importance of brand positioning Photo by Glen Campbel

Brand positioning is essentially the recall ability of your customers and potential customers. For example, if you manufacture toothpaste and we yell toothpaste to a bunch of folks in a room, how many of them will think of your particular brand of toothpaste is brand positioning. The higher that number, more the sales.

Obviously, brand positioning is vital because without it, a whole chunk of sales would not exist. Essentially brand positioning rides on two components - corporate identity and brand positioning. They are both interlinked and vital to a successful Brand Strategy Development.

The Birth of a brand

Every brand positioning begins with a corporate Identity design (you can't have an egg without the hen). The company itself has to first attain great heights before its brand begins to be readily recognized. Brand building and recognition begins with a corporate identity i.e. the logo. The logo needs to be simple and yet elegant with a story to tell.

Importance of brand positioning and corporate identity

Most of us would today have no problem recognizing the various logos of the top car manufacturers. When you see the logo you not only know the name of the company, you also know some (if not all) of its products as well as the quality of its products. This is an indication of the enormous power and potential of a logo. The logo in turn, feeds on the brand and vice-versa and unless the company does something silly, it’s a cycle that gets stronger and stronger, so much so, that even those who cannot afford the brand, know all about it and what it stands for. For example, the Ferrari brand and logo - not many folks can afford a Ferrari but they all know it well.

A brand is represented by a visible symbol that speaks volumes about the company's core values and therefore, also needs to be unique from its competitor's brand. The process of designing a corporate brand is complex and requires experience, expertise, creativity and Branding strategy planning.

Brand positioning and profitability

A brand that is well positioned in the market and in the minds of customers, also commands greater value be it at the stock market or at the bankers / promoters table. This is because sales and profits are closely linked to the brand position and brand coaching. A higher brand position will usually indicate higher sales and therefore profits and consequently, higher investor value.

Brand positioning involves knowledge of consumer behaviour, social perceptions, demographics, etc. Any brand whether weak or strong can be repositioned to either improve performance (as in a weak brand) or to meet the needs of changing consumer behaviour and market conditions.

The brand positioning team

Due to the complexities involved, a good brand strategy or brand positioning strategy should always involve a team of experts - people who have successfully positioned corporate images and brands in the past. Always ensure that the brands they have successfully repositioned belonged to corporate almost as large (if not larger) than your own. One success story usually breeds another.

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