Safeguard Your Horses from Damaging Parasites

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    Dec 17, 2012
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With Equimax wormer you can achieve effective and safe results in the fight against parasitic worms. This leading product works fast to kill worms and also helps to prevent re-infestation in the future.

Horses are vulnerable when it comes to parasites like intestinal worms. The microscopic eggs from these worms are expelled in the faeces of infested animals and make their way into the ground level environment. This means that when horses graze in areas infested with worm eggs they can easily pick up these parasites.

Fighting to Prevent Parasites

Intestinal worms can pose a serious health risk to horses and so you do need to take steps to eradicate them with an Equimax horse wormer. These nasty parasites can thrive in the digestive system of horses and other grazing livestock. Once they have infested a host they can cause health problems such as:

• Malnourishment – parasitic worms survive by feeding from food in the host’s digestive system. This means they are taking food away from the host and robbing them of vital nutrients. Not only can this cause malnourishment in horses it can also send feed costs soaring.

• Starvation – in some extreme cases the host can actually starve as a result of infestation by intestinal worms. Slow starvation caused by parasitic worms can result in a number of serious health problems and can be fatal if left untreated.

• Organ Problems – another serious health risk posed by parasitic worms such as roundworm and red worm is organ damage. These worms can move around the body and cause damage to major internal organs. This can cause serious conditions and can even prove fatal.

As you can see it is important you take steps now to protect the health of your horses with Equimax wormer products. These have proven effective in the fight against parasitic worms. You can find cheap horse wormers online and this makes it easy to stock up.

Worming Tips

All horse owners can increase the effectiveness of Equimax wormer plans by practicing good stable and paddock management. Here are just a few useful tips if you are starting a worming plan:

• Make sure you dose all the horses under your care with Equimax wormer at the same time.

• Always dose new horses arriving in your paddocks or stables as soon as possible to help avoid cross-infection.

• It is important to dose horses accurately based on their weight. Under-dosing with wormers for horses can reduce the effective of the product and can also encourage worms to develop resistance to treatments.

• Younger horses are more vulnerable to the health risks posed by parasitic worms. Try to separate young horses and graze them together and make sure they are treated regularly with appropriate cheap equine wormers.

By using Equimax wormer products you can take active steps to safeguard your horses from parasitic worms. This can help to support good health and prevent infestations from these nasty intestinal parasites.

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