When to Call a Phoenix Drywall Contractor

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    Jun 13, 2014
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When to Call a Phoenix Drywall Contractor Photo by Brittney Davis

If you need to do some drywall repair or replacement around the home, then perhaps you’re thinking about doing the job yourself. This can work, depending on what all the job entails as well as your skill level. However, there are times when you’ll want to be sure to call in a professional drywall contractor to get the job done right. Below are three examples…

When You Have Flood, Fire or Smoke Damage

If you’re doing drywall repair because of flood, fire or smoke damage, then you may want to call in a professional Phoenix drywall contractor. There are two reasons for this:

1. Your insurance company may pay for the work. Check your policy and talk to your insurance agent to determine if your policy will cover your Phoenix drywall repair job. If so, why do it yourself when the insurance company will cover hiring a professional to do the job right?

2. Damaged drywall requires a professional touch.  Sometimes people don’t realize the extent of the damage and how it spreads. For example, a flood of just half an inch of water on the floor can absorb into the drywall and cause damage several feet up the wall. An experienced Phoenix drywall contractor will know how much of the drywall needs replacement.

When You Need Extensive Finishing Work

Another good time to call in a professional drywall contractor is when you need finishing work, especially drywall textures such as knockdown or orange peel. These sorts of textures require a skilled hand to make sure they match the surrounding textures. However, even if you’re laying down a completely new texture, you still need to apply it evenly and uniformly across the entire wall and/or ceiling to give it a polished look. If you don’t have extensive experience with this, then hire a professional contractor.

When It’s More Than a Patch Job

You can probably get away with doing a small patch job yourself – just buy a drywall repair kit and do some reading online to learn how to get the best results.  However, if your job requires hanging sheets of drywall, or if it requires ceiling work, then you’ll want to call in a professional to do your drywall repair in Phoenix. A professional usually comes with at least one other experienced person, which is needed in order to properly hang heavy drywall.


Plenty of homeowners like the idea of saving money by doing drywall repair work themselves, plus they like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. However, you need to know your limitations, and you need to know when to call in a professional drywall contractor in Arizona to get the job done right.

When in doubt, talk to the experienced drywall contractors at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc (TWD). They’ve been repairing and replacing drywall since 1996, and they specialize in both residential and commercial drywall work. So, whether you just need a little patch job, or you want to completely remodel the entire room, visit TWD online now to see what they can do for you: www.twdaz.com.

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