Saving Money and Time; the Ergotech 100-d16-b03

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    Dec 11, 2012
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The 100-d16-b03 is another name for a 3 level LCD monitor that stands horizontally on a desk stand, and allows for multiple horizontal configurations of arrangement for display. The flexible and easy to transport system is both extra stable and durable, and will completely minimize desk clutter. In addition, the Ergotech 100-d16-b03 allows you to adjust your monitors to a different direction so that you can incorporate a panoramic view of the display if you wish. This will also allow you to really see long documents in their full form and entirety; this will help speed up the work in progress.

When applied to a business setting, the 100-d16-b03 is the ultimate in comfort and durability for monitors. People who spend all day in front of their computer are often stymied by their efforts to see their screen completely, instantly, and comfortably. This is why the Ergotech 100-d16-b02 is such a great idea; you can look over spreadsheets, can streamline documents and information, and thus speed up your work day and minimize stress and the search for documents. This expandable monitor actually allows you to customize your monitor setup with ease, so that you can pivot the screen as needed. 

Depending upon the model of the Ergotech, the 100-d16-b03 will typically hold up to a twenty-four inch monitor that cannot exceed twenty five pounds. This will be different if additional accessories such as a telescoping wing are added, as it will extend the range of monitors that it can support. The Ergotech 100-d16-b03 is perhaps the most versatile starting point for this type of monitor display stand, as it is compliant with many types of monitors and so is the most economic investment. The viewing angle will often be up to forty five degrees, although thirty degrees is the norm.

Although the basic 100-d16-b03 unit does not come with telescoping wings, they can be purchased and added separately to accommodate a larger monitor size. The Ergotech 100-d16-b03 is truly a popular office item, as it will pay for itself in the saved time it offers. When you save time, you save money, and this is no exception. Additionally, the pivots for mounting and the poles for vertical display are able to be used with other products from this brand, and so you can build up your monitor display as you need, and without having to make another initial investment in a display stand.

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