Enjoy the Comfort of the Display Stands 100-d28-b33 and 100-d16-b02

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    Dec 11, 2012
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Anyone who has ever sat at their desk all day and worked on reports, scanned their computer screen and endlessly battled the small computer screens and monitors while trying to decipher a complex spreadsheet will really appreciate the 100-d28-b33 LCD monitor display components. This display unit is comprised of multiple racks that can hold up to six different monitors, creating a panoramic view. The 100-d16-b02 horizontal arm desk stand is used to hold two monitors and is better for a home office situation or for gaming. However, there are multiple uses for this equipment for both home and office.

Today's LDC screens are lightweight enough to be mounted to a multiple rack unit such as the 100-d28-b33; this will hold up to six monitors for a smashing display of screens that can be swiveled in opposite directions or can create a wall of display screens. This unit is meant to be easy to set up and use, and is very useful for looking at lengthy documents and spreadsheets. The 100-d16-b02 is a more affordable option, and is perfect for the home office or for the family that has gaming entertainment systems that need dual screens. These both feature quick set up and release options for ease of use.

While sometimes it can seem like the office equipment we use can actually make life more complicated, both the 100-d28-b33 and the 100-d16-b02 are simple to use and set up, regardless of how well versed you are in office equipment. In addition, there are upgraded options available for other mounting settings, so even the tightest office space can handle this type of monitor display. The features on both of these units are typically very versatile and durable, and both can hold up to twenty five pounds of monitor weight on each section of the display.

Another great factor in both the 100-d28-b33 and the 100-d16-b02 is that they are extremely portable. This means that if you need to move your office, you can easily disassemble and reassemble the components of these stands with the simplest tools and skill. Never again will you have to crane your neck to read a spreadsheet, or to take turns on a gaming system. With the dual and multiple LCD screen holding capabilities, these stands will allow the smallest space to become the roomiest office once again. Prevent neck discomfort and change the monitor to suit your comfort instead of the other way around.

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