Protect Your Servers With The G36WM Cabinet

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    May 30, 2013
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When it comes to your servers, you never want to take any chances. A server case needs to have an innovative design and be made by a company with years of manufacturing experience. The Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Company has been making server protection equipment for years. It has worked to create nuances to their cases that allow your servers to function properly without any kind of external interruption. The G36WM case, which also goes under the GL84CL2MM part number as well, is what you need to protect your servers.

The G36WM has two compartments that are 21 RMU each. That is the kind of height you need to fit your largest servers. The GL84CL2MM has a rigid metal case and strong rack mounts inside of it that can hold your servers securely in place and protect them from any kind of outside shock. The cable management raceways along each side of the unit make it easy to get cables out of your way and prevent your server from being disconnected.

When you look at the G36WM design, you notice some interesting innovations right away. The GL84CL2MM case has a mesh perimeter that allows for excellent ventilation. Computer engineers know that, even in an air conditioned environment, a server tower needs ways of getting air flowing through each server. This case allows air to circulate into the server bays, around their interior and then back out, just as is supposed to happen. It is the ideal way to make sure that your servers do not overheat/

The G36WM also has a solid side panel and a solid floor for added durability. The GL84CL2MM was designed to make sure that your servers are not damaged during the regular course of the day. It is important that your computers not only get the protection they need, but the proper buffer between themselves and the cabinet that protects them. This cabinet is designed to house your servers perfectly and keep your equipment safe.

When you are the one in charge of making sure that your company’s servers are operating properly, then you need the best possible rack equipment you can find. The Great Lakes Company has been protecting servers for a very long time now and the company puts everything it has learned into its latest designs. If you want to protect your server while still keeping it in a case that allows it to do its job, then you want the Great Lakes cases.

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