Aluminium Fencing - Beauty without Maintenance

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    Nov 25, 2013
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Aluminium Fencing - Beauty without Maintenance Photo by Anne Layman

Aluminium is a popular fencing choice for several reasons. They carry the beauty and elegance resembling that of wrought iron fences but without the need for extensive and regular maintenance. They can come in a variety of styles and colours and are used in virtually any outdoor area from fencing the front yard to barricading swimming pools. There are many available aluminium fences made for residential, commercial and industrial building purposes.

Why Pick Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium fences’ popularity is backed by a list of boons for any homeowner.

1. Aluminium fences are versatile. They can be used on flat or sloped lands without causing unsightly gaps in between fences. Design-wise, these Decorative Fencing are available in different designs and can be painted over in different colours. Some specialty companies will even offer to custom design a unique fence for you.

2. Aluminium fences are low maintenance. They are as durable as the high-end metal fences but doesn’t cost as much to keep in shape. They don’t rust or break easily and are easy to clean.

3. Aluminium fences are long lasting. Most aluminium fences can outlast their wood and steel counterparts. They won’t rot, corrode or fade and can withstand the elements. Because of this, most Event Fencing companies offer a lifetime warranty for these barricades as a sign of quality assurance.

4. Aluminium fences are affordable. They are as strong as steel and as elegant as wrought iron, but they are also considerably cheaper than both steel and iron because aluminium is readily available and less costly to make.

5. Aluminium fences are environment friendly. Several aluminium fences nowadays are made from mostly recycled materials which cost relatively little energy to make. This doesn’t compromise the fence’s quality however, as most of the recycled materials also come from used aluminium.

6. Aluminium fences provide Modular Wall Fencing. Aluminium fences are used to barricade pools that follow standards and local codes. They can be easily molded to a certain height and even topped with spikes to prevent breaching.

Aluminium Fencing Types

A. Two-Rail Fencing : The fences are made of evenly spaced vertical rails that do not extend past the box-like enclosing railing. It is the most basic of aluminium fences but doesn’t offer much design variety compared to the other designs.

B. Exposed pickets two-rail Privacy Fencing: The two-rail Privacy Fencing design with the pickets exposed past the top railing. The exposed pickets can then be further customized by arches, spikes or other finials.

C. Three-rail Decorative Metal Fencing: These fences are designed like two-rail fences but with two top railings instead of just one. These fences have more design options than two-rails but are generally more expensive.

D. Aluminium arches: These fences are connected to each other by the curved designs on the top of each section. These fence pickets can also be topped by spikes or finials for an even more attractive look.

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