A Wide Range of Aluminium Fencing Options to Grace your Space

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    Oct 30, 2013
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A Wide Range of Aluminium Fencing Options to Grace your Space Photo by Anne Layman

The fencing design you choose for your home reflects your personality and the security facets of your home. Whether you want to establish safe boundaries with a fence, shield your yard, create the ambience of a beautiful garden, give you the feeling of "your world away from the world", stop your pet from wandering outdoors or simply perk up your yard, a fence is an asset to your outdoor spaces.

Have you shortlisted the perfect fence for your home? Or, are you still grappling with ideas, design brochures and browsing through the internet for fencing options?

Have you considered Glass fencing?

Aluminium Fencing - Your Sturdy & Opulent Fencing Option

Aluminium is the most versatile metal known to man. Its ductile nature and ability to resist corrosion make aluminium one of the most widely used metals in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Aluminium fences are quite popular in the fencing industry for the beauty and protection it offers, requiring very little or no maintenance. Aluminium fences and Glass balustrade fencing are available in a variety of styles, colours and designs customized to suit the property upon which it is being installed.

Benefits of Aluminium Fencing

There is more to aluminium fencing than just enhancing and revamping the entire look of your residential or commercial space and adding value and prestige to your property.

* Aluminium fencing costs much less than any other type of Decorative fencing.
* Aluminium is light in weight so it also makes it easier to work with on any project.
* Aluminium takes over ten thousand years to disintegrate and neither does it catch rust. This makes it perfect for prolonged outdoor use especially near the ocean.
* Aluminium fencing requires low maintenance in terms of painting and cleaning.
* It is difficult to surpass the security barriers of a Front yard fencing as it is too sturdy to cut into.
* Aluminium fences easily adjust to the slope of the land over which it is installed.
Types of Aluminium Fences

Aluminium fences are quite versatile; therefore, they can be used in a variety of types and designs depending on the user's preferences.

* Aluminium Tubular Fencing

The basic structure of Brushwood fencing comprises vertical bars arranged at equal distances from each other over a horizontal top and bottom rail. Ornamental designs and decorative features like circles, leaves, lace panels, floral elements, etc. can then be incorporated over this basic design. Aluminium Tubular Fencing is used typically for homes, gardens and pools.

* Aluminium Slat & Louvre Fencing

Slats or louvers are arranged in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal fashion with very little gap between each slat. Aluminium Slat & Louvre Fencing is an efficient type of security and privacy fencing used in ultra modern set ups.

* Aluminium & Glass Fencing

Glass Fencing is best supported with aluminium slats and rails, which can be used either decoratively or simply as a support structure. Aluminium & Event fencing is perfect to establish boundaries and yet showcase the beauty within boundaries. This type of fencing is typically used for commercial spaces and stores.

* Aluminium Balustrades & Railings

A stylish yet sturdy balcony railing or Boundary fencing can be well constructed with Aluminium Balustrades & Railings, which come in a variety of colours and designs to beautify residential balconies and pool sides.

Applications of Aluminium Fences

Aluminium fencing can be used for homes, gardens, industries, commercial spaces, official buildings, factories, pool sides, community parks, restaurant yards and a variety of other outdoor fencing applications.

Aluminium fences offer a functional combination of beauty, durability and strength. Complement the beauty of your spaces and add long term value to your property with an aluminium fence suiting your preferences and tastes.

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