Stylish Privacy Fencing and Screening Installation

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    Dec 12, 2013
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Stylish Privacy Fencing and Screening Installation Photo by Anne Layman

While it's good to have a blooming social life, even the most neighborly folks would want to retreat to their private sanctuary every now and then. The best way to do this without blocking out your entire view of the neighborhood is to install privacy fences and screens. There are different kinds of privacy fences and screens available, though the best one for you will depend on your community restrictions, your budget and your preferences.

Types of Privacy Fences and Screens

* Wood Privacy Fence: A classic fencing material, you can never go wrong with wood's stylish and glossy appeal indoors or outdoors. It is readily available, adaptable to any landscape or housing situation, easy to use and has less building restrictions compared to other materials. However, Decorative Fencing can be a costly investment and will need several treatments and regular maintenance to keep it looking sturdy and shiny. You can choose among the many available woods like bamboo, oak and fir.

* Vinyl Privacy Fence: There are many styles of vinyl fences available, ranging in colour, design and pricing. It affords more privacy than wooden fences while not being as easily corroded or as high maintenance as the latter. Vinyl fences usually come in factory made parts tat make them easy to install, though some people don't find them as attractive as the other fencing materials. They're also not advisable to be used in sloped areas.

* Layered Plants and Privacy Hedges: Well-maintained hedges and layered plants make for attractive Brushwood Fencing. You can choose from a variety of flowering plants and shrubs to build up any shape or height you'd like, since there are few restrictions regarding using plants as privacy fences. But since the longevity and beauty of the hedge depends on the plants' condition, you can expect that this will be a high-maintenance Glass Fencing. You'll need to water and trim the plants daily and if the hedge gets damaged, it could take years before it can be restored to its original form.

What to Consider before Adding a Privacy Fence

1. Community regulations: This factor varies from one residential community to another and can include privacy fence height, width and land area covered. Look up your own community's local codes and restrictions regarding Rail Fencing before putting one up to avoid future troubles.

2. Budget: An important consideration in almost all things, really. This factor should be considered not only for the initial cost of the materials and construction of the fence but also for its maintenance costs.

3. Fenced area: Depending on your location or the area you wish to barricade, some fences will do a better job on a particular area than others. For instance, an exotic wooden privacy fence will look more appealing on a private spa or Zen garden than a Front Yard Fencing would.

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