Use Quality Solar Wires And Cables For Reducing Energy Wastage

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    Aug 23, 2013
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Use Quality Solar Wires And Cables For Reducing Energy Wastage Photo by Ashish  Poly

After tirelessly exploiting the available non-renewable resources for centuries, man has now wholeheartedly embraced the idea of using renewable forms of energy for their daily needs. Although the scarcity of non-renewable resources has initiated man to use renewable energy, the use of green energy was earlier limited. Solar energy is the only form of inexhaustible energy, which is used both for industrial and domestic purposes. Widely used for its convenience, simplicity and easy accessibility, the use of solar energy was restricted due to the unavailability of quality solar wires and cables. However, new developments in the wiring technology aided in replacing the use of traditional rubber cables with eminent quality solar wires, in the power generation process.

Interconnecting solar panels with other electrical devices, solar cables are wires which aid in generating photovoltaic power. Assisting in the conversion of solar radiation to direct energy, solar cables are an integral part of the photovoltaic power generation process. Scientifically constructed to withstand higher temperatures, solar cables are built with a strong durable metal mesh and sheath which effectively protects the cables against abrasions. Flexible and moisture resistant, these cables are not damaged by climate change or temperature fluctuations. Being fire resistant, flame retardant, UV resistant and halogen free, these cables can be used both indoors and outdoors. For their low smoke density, higher mechanical strength and durability, solar wires and cables have always been used in laboratories and experimental units. 

Insulation is one of the most important elements, that one needs to consider before buying solar wires for house wiring. A durable external casing would provide double protection, as both the positive and the negative cables would be separately insulated. Reducing the risk of signal degradation and interference, a solar cable with adequate insulation would effectively eliminate the danger of short-circuits and grounding failure. As these cables offer excellent manoeuvrability and strength, there is a lower risk of acid penetration and chemical or alkaline corrosion.

While buying solar cables for house wiring, it is extremely important to choose the wires which are manufactured as per industry standards. Most branded wires usually bear a certification which assures that the cables are tested for their quality, durability and performance in the respective laboratories, prior to dispatching. Though these cables are priced slightly higher than the regular cables used for electrical house wiring, they add on to the profits due to their durability and energy saving features. Quality solar cables start losing their performance only after 35-40 years. This means low maintenance, more energy saving and the most cost effective solution for saving energy.


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