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By the twelfth century Ireland has always been aware of its identities and geographical areas. But there has always been tribal and royalist conflict between Ireland and Wales, Scotland and England. Eventually when Britain became Monarchy, Britain succeeded by political and military attempts to unite Wales, Scotland and Ireland under the crown of England. The long and bloody struggles between and within the nations made the people live with tension and bitterness. During 1169 Ireland was invaded by Henry XI. Anglo-Norman nobles occupied the biggest part of the country and left just a small part exercised from England. Ireland became a colonized country by English and Scotts. But this also provided a settlement for Irish people in Scotland, London and other parts of the west coast like Liverpool.

In 1801 Ireland became part of the United Kingdom, but violent conflicts and political unrests divided the country in 1921 into Irish Free Ireland and Northern Ireland which is still part of the UK. Northern Ireland is now one of the forth old nations which are part of the union Britain.

England, Scotland and Wales became Protestants while Ireland remained Catholics. The religion differences became as a conflict between the nations and Irish people tried to stay away from England and the British people. Although there have been a lot of conflicts between these four nations in centuries, there has been an internal migration between them. Irish people moved to England and Scottish and English settled down in Ireland. But the consciousness of  Irish identities were never lost and they were always aware of their individual geographies and the feelings became stronger since the devolution of some political power from the London Parliament (1998-9). It resulted with ethnic differences between the English people and the Irish people and these feelings are still present among some Irish people.





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