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    Sep 04, 2012
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Introduction:  Europe by land is a true life story based on a girl from africa name Osas Omorodion. who was taking away from her parents for prostitution in western part of africa.but the parents thought she was going to the europe italy.

Life in africa has been very difficult and horrible for many years now. and there has been alot of help been sent down to africa.but the people never get this helps. this story is to tell our people our president. senators. gorvernors.that they should please show more love than what they are giving now to the africans. so they can reach out for there goals in life.
Many africans has engaged in soo many types of crime and adultries wish where not surpose if there where given directly the chance to show what they can do in life.

This story is to tell you how africans lost there lifes in desert and other places trying to run out of there country or place of captivity trying to reach out for there goal.

many kids here in africa. was born to earth and as they grow the tell there follow mates..that i will like to become a doctor in future and the other says. i will like to become a lawyer in the future. what do you think the will really become?

Many after school days. and now going for the highlever or high institution. one day the parents call the child and say. kelvin. we are sorry to tell you that we can no longer afford your schools fees. i think you have to step down and search for a job to learn. than the child looks directly to the fathers eyes and in his mind will say. oh God..a doctor will no longer be doctor but be a mechanic or funiture maker.Than will now reply the father. problem what ever you think will be better for me than let it be. that is to say the future plans are no longer the same from when he was starting learning going to school and other things.just to become a doctor.

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