Why is Universal Education not Considered Socialism but Universal Healthcare is?

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    Sep 23, 2012
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I've been so concerned about the negativity toward the healthcare initiative that I'm almost "beside myself".

For the record, I'm in favor of the initiative/legislation that is 'affectionately called' OBAMACARE!!

Recently, I was listening to some rhetoric from Ryan and others about how this legislation is taking us toward Socialism. Also, that implementation of this legislation will cause us to have higher taxes.  Of course, they went on to so many negative comments and statements that I won't bore my readers with the rest.

Then, after listening to these 'sound bites' I began thinking.  Wait a minute!  Why is universal education not considered a Socialist idea but universal healthcare is? 

Of course the idea that there should be universal education was thought of and implemented hundreds of years ago in America.  The need was seen.  The idea was set forth.  The mechanisms needed to fund it were set into motion.  The taxes were levied where needed.  Voila! Education was now for the masses, not just for the wealthy! 

Before universal 'free' education only children of the wealthy were educated.  Their parents or guardians could afford to hire tutors. Yes, a few of the children of the 'less wealthy' were educated.  But, as a rule, this was not true.

So today in America we have the children, parents, grandparents, et al, who are subsisting on an income that cannot cover the large expense of healthcare. 

  • Do they not deserve to have 'preventive healthcare'?
  • Do they not deserve to see a primary doctor rather go to an emergency room when they are ill?
  • Do we want to continue to overload our hospital emergency rooms with people who have nowhere else to go when they are ill?
  • Do we want to have the hospitals continue to increase the charges for treatments for those who have medical insurance or are wealthy enough to pay for their hospital care to offset the cost of giving 'free' care for those who can't afford it?

I'm aware that many hospitals are now owned by 'FOR PROFIT' companies.  This means that if they don't make the profit they have aimed for then they increase their rates, or worse, close the hospital.  These increases are passed to your medical insurers, if you are fortunate enough to have insurance, or to you, if you are fortunate enough to pay for your own care without insurance.

Also, the 'FOR PROFIT' hospitals will often turn away people who have no medical insurance or cannot pay for their care upfront. 

So, there are many children going to school who have only had the minimal immunizations required to attend school with your child .  These children may also come to school ill because the parents cannot afford to take them to a doctor and no 'free' clinic is available.

Children and adults without access to preventative healthcare often have to miss a lot of school or work because they have an illness that could have been prevented or treated very early and allow them to attend school or come to work.

Remember, these same children and adults will often come to school or work with an illness that could have been prevented or treated but was not because they have no access to healthcare.

Why, America, do we want to continue this situation?  I know I don't!

I was fortunate, I worked for a company that enabled me to get good medical insurance coverage and my family had access to good healthcare. 

I realize now that I was in the minority, fortunate but in the minority.

I continue to see articles about well-to-do Americans setting up free healthcare for people who don't have access to it in AMERICA!!!! 

For example: Stan Brock, the former cohost of TV's Wild Kingdom, set up Remote Area Medical (RAM) initially to help people in  remote locations in 'developing nations' have access to healthcare.  But, now over 70% of its clinics operate in the U.S.A.!

We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, if not the wealthiest, and we have millions who can't afford healthcare or it is not available in the areas they live in.

So, I ask you again, is universal healthcare needed in America?  Do you think that it is a form of Socialism?  If you think universal healthcare is a form of socialism why don't you think that universal education for K-12 is a form of Socialism?

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