Wireless Mouse Battery Life: Review of the Two Top Gaming Mice

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    Dec 31, 2013
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razer orochi, kabuto
razer orochi, kabuto
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When you’ve bought yourself a gaming mouse, you don’t want to keep having to buy new batteries all the time. After all, with advancing gaming technology, manufacturers must be able to design gaming mouse products that are able to guarantee a fair battery life even under heavy and frequent use.

However, as with any battery-powered product, heavy usage will tend to burn out the batteries faster than medium or light usage. But most gaming mouse manufacturers do try and offer maximum battery life especially in the more recent products.

I discovered that using a dark or rough mouse pad often causes the batteries to run out faster. If you’re wondering why that is, here’s the reason: The tracking ball of the mouse is the part that requires the maximum power from the battery. Rough and dark surfaces are more difficult to navigate the trackball has to exert itself to produce smooth movement. I’d recommend buying a light-colored mouse mat.

Cheap batteries invariably burn out too soon. Actually, personally speaking, I much prefer investing in high quality batteries even if they’re more expensive. Another useful tip to maximize battery life is to simply switch off the gaming mouse when it’s not in use. If you have a dual battery-powered gaming mouse, then try and keep both batteries from the same brand.

The tech experts at Logitech suggest that users should invest in alkaline batteries as opposed to acidic models that may shorten battery life.

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

This model promises an impressive battery life and a sweat-resistant matte coat. The 11 buttons can be programmed using Logitech’s software. The best part is that the two tiny buttons located on the right and left can actually accommodate upto 20 million clicks.

This specific model guarantees a long battery life because the sensor has been primed for optimal battery usage. The two AA batteries included in the pack are rated to run for 10 days of continuous gaming. Moreover, the product offers two usage modes for the mouse. One is the gaming mode and the other is called the endurance mode.

I bought the product for $80 – pretty steep but the 11 programmable buttons and optimized sensor make it worth it.

Razer Orochi Mobile Gaming Mouse

This versatile model gives a superb performance during wired as well as wireless play. The high dpi of 4600 coupled with Bluetooth connectivity takes this product to the next level.

There are two AA batteries which I didn’t need to change until 3 months were up – a significant improvement from the earlier Razer models. Combine this with a 4G powered deadly accurate laser sensor and you have a gaming mouse that’s well worth the price tag. The Razer Orochi costs $69; pretty decent if you ask me with the improved batteries and high dpi levels.

The batteries are guaranteed for 30 hours of continuous game play and interestingly, the mouse is designed for both right and left-handed players. Additional features include an on/off switch for the mouse (keeping it switched off when you don’t need it will increase battery life) plus an LED light that indicates low battery.

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