Different types of controlled drug storage

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    Dec 14, 2012
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Hospitals, pharmacies, long term care facilities and other medical institutions have a multitude of drugs kept for their patients that must be stored in controlled environments.  There is a whole industry that is dedicated to their storage needs. Such medical institutions have to upkeep drugs and medicines properly. They can’t use something like our standard bathroom cabinet to store Savalon or Vaseline. Here is a brief description of various drug storage systems that are used in medical institutions. 

Controlled Drug Cabinets

Controlled drug cabinets are the professional version of bathroom cabinets. These are available in varying sizes, depending on the space required for storage, along with varied shelving configurations. The key to buying these storage cabinets is accessing how secure you need them to be and weather you want a manual or electronic control system.

Controlled Drug carts

These are basically controlled drug cabinets on wheels. Besides offering all qualities of a controlled drug cabinet, they offer easy mobility. Here in these cabinets you may wish to look for wall security clamps and bump guards.

Controlled Pharmacy Fridges

This is a similar kind of drug cabinets but with added refrigeration.  These can be combined with computer access controlled Drub Cabinets and Carts.

We have discussed storage equipment. But on large scale storage of drugs or vaccines, there are more complexities in the supply chain.  Where these essential drugs and vaccines are stored in large quantities, suppliers need sophisticated storage systems fitted with temperature and humidity monitoring systems. Storage of such health products under right humidity and temperature levels is quite essential to sustain their usability.

These monitoring systems quickly adapt to changing compliance needs. Warehouse and storage mangers are also sent instant alerts in form of text, emails or voice messages stating temperature fluctuation and alterations processed. This can be followed by a manual inspection, assuring everything set right and the food and medicines are stored correctly.

You will appreciate that the market bears options for complete automated compliance with temperature control requirements. If you are food or health care professional involved in any kind of storage faculty, you will certainly benefit from such wireless temperature monitoring appliances.

If you are looking for a temperature monitoring system, TempGenius is an ideal source to. They are an experienced and established firm with a strong reputation in the market and grasp on innovative wireless technology. With their wireless temperature alarm and monitoring systems, chances of human error are widely reduced and it also saves cost by cutting human intervention.

With this in mind, it is important to specify drug and vaccine monitoring systems as they can save a tremendous amount of costs and prevent a shortage of a particular drug type, should you suffer a loss of power or equipment failure.  One good option is TempGenius. 

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