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    Sep 18, 2012
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A Pen drive is an extremely handy data storage device that can be easily carried anywhere and could be put to numerous uses for storing and transferring data. In the beginning pen drives looked like some ancient monotonous devices with no innovation in designs and looks. But today, some innovative people have transformed the Pen Drive into a fun device in terms of introducing a variety in its designs, colours, and materials used to manufacture it. Now, the Pen drive looks more attractive as it never was.
These pen drives are not just fun but also competitive in terms of prices unlike earlier. They are manufactured by using a carbon neutral technology that minimises the release of carbon-di-oxide into the atmosphere and contributes towards supporting and saving Mother Nature.

Today, the variations in the pen drive designs are immense. A pen drive can be made of wood, metal, bamboo, PVC, Leather, with shiny stones embedded and not just plastic as it earlier used to be.  Furthermore, with help of PVC the pen drive chip can be cast into any shape, design or colour as desired by the buyer. When we, talk of shapes, pen drives can be shaped into anything, not just with the help of moulded PVC but experimentation can be done with other materials also; for example with plastic a pen drive can be shaped into a credit card design or a surf board or skateboard; with wood, into a tree trunk or any design you wish to get; with metal, it can be turned into the shape of a key. We can also print, laser etch, or engrave the brand name or Logo of any company and use it for corporate gifting or promotional activities.

When we talk of promotional activities which also includes brand promotion, pen drives can be used as perfect corporate gifting solutions. Corporate gifting is a way of making yourself and your business known and remembered amongst your business alliances and also to treat them with something that they can cherish. Pen Drives can prove to be a hilarious corporate gifting solution as not only the person at the receiving end will be excited to receive a gift but he will also be able to use it.
Moreover these pen drives can also be used stationery by students with their individual or their educational institute’s name printed on them for storing their study material. These pen drives can also be used for storing movies or songs.

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