IBM TS3200 Tapes Library Supports The Market-Leading LTO5, LTO4 and LTO Ultrium3 Tape Formats

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    Nov 07, 2012
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Due to the exponential growth in the volume of corporate databases, companies are struggling to mitigate risk, as well as secure and meet stiff data storage challenges. IBM answers the call with its comprehensive range of backup media solutions. IBM TS3200 tape library is intelligently designed to satisfy the demands for superior performance, robust data protection, scalable growth path and low operational costs associated with backup storage and archiving.

IBM TS3200 library is based on an innovative LTO ultrium tape format that has established new benchmarks for durability, cost-effectiveness and performance. Scalable LTO tape versions help the fast-paced business enterprises be one step ahead of the data deluge. IBM TS3200 is a functionally-rich tape library that can be confidently installed in a broader range of open systems, especially in IBM System x and IBM Power Systems. IBM TS3200 is a compact library and uses 4U form factor, which makes it the most space-efficient library in its class.

TS3200 tape library offers an exceptional recording capacity of 72 TB / 144 TB. The library supports LTO ultrium3, LTO ultrium4 and the newest LTO 5 tape versions. Four half-height or two full-height drives can be attached to a single TS3200 library unit. It has specifically engineered to support midrange storage environments. The most advantageous feature of IBM TS3200 library is that it can perform the operations in random/sequential access mode. This unique approach helps to ensure in-time data availability and fast data backups. Remote management functionality provides customers the luxury to manage and operate the library functions via Web interface. IBM TS3200 library employs a bar code reader, which helps the I.T staff to easily track the backup tapes.

The data recording capacity offered by the IBM ultirum5 cartridge is 1500GB (uncompressed), whereas the IBM LTO4 tape can store up to 800 GB native information. LTO4 media format features cutting-edge WORM technology, which puts a stop to common operating errors and accidental erasures. That’s not all; AES 256-bit hardware based encryption system also has been added to the LTO ultrium4 format that helps to maintain superior data integrity by preventing unauthorized data access. Good news is that these robust data protection technologies are also offered by the next generation IBM LTO ultrium5 format. That is why storage-intensive businesses trust IBM LTO4 and LTO5 tape solutions for regulatory compliance requirements.

LTO ultrium technology provides you the flexibility to use LTO backup tapes with all compliant LTO drives from different vendors. LTO4 ultrium tapes have been manufactured by the foremost tape specialists including Fuji, HP, Dell, Quantum, TDK, Maxell, Imation and Sony. HP LTO4 tape , part number C7974A, is ideally designed for reliable offsite and onsite data protection.

SAS, SCSI LVD and Fiber channel (FC) connectivity options are available for full-height LTO tape drives. Whereas the interfaces offered for half-height drives are fiber channel and Serial attached SCSI (SAS). TS3200 tape library provides the I.T staff greater administrative control, superior reliability, scalability and performance needed to manage the exploding data volumes.

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