WPC Pest Offers a 57 Point Inspection to Root Out All Pests

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    Dec 04, 2012
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Pest Control Done Right  

You may already have a pest control company that comes and keeps pests away from your home.  But think about the answers to these questions:  How often do they have to come out and check your property again?  How often do they have to kill more pests or lay down additional protection?  Have they ever told you about what they do or why they do it?  Have they told you about any problems in your foundation?  Or perhaps any leaks in your pipes?  Cracks in roofs or walls or windowsills, outside or inside? How much are you paying them for their services?   

You owe it to yourself and your family to get the best possible pest protection and you may not be getting it from your current company.  The hard truth is that a lot of pest control companies out there do not have technicians who are fully aware of everything about the pests they are sent to eliminate.  They don’t know to look for entryways and tell you methods of fixing the problems, or other ways you can deter pests.  Not every pest deterrent will come from spraying a product around the house.  Extra steps should be taken to not only ensure that current pests are removed, but that pests stay out – and you don’t have to keep on paying for a technician to come out on a regular basis.   

The 57 Point Inspection  

WPC Pest & Termite Control has a 57 point pest control inspection that is meant to guarantee that you don’t have to worry about pests again.  Each and every technician checks your home in places you may have never considered important to look before.  They make note of insects they see or indications that insects or animals are living in or near your home.  They will pay close attention to any cracks, crevices, or holes that they see, noting where they are and what that might mean when it comes to potential pests.  All WPC’s technicians are highly trained and know the inspection points and goals inside and out to give you the best in customer service.   

And the best part is that the 57 point inspection is just the beginning of what WPC can offer customers and potential customers.  Once they do their inspection – which doesn’t have to cost you a dime – they will tell you what else can be done, what the cost will be, and how they intend to make sure your home is pest free and stays that way.   

A Pest Control System   

WPC Pest is so committed to giving you not just what you want, but what you deserve, when it comes to pest control that they will return and treat your home for absolutely no charge if you are not satisfied with the results the first time.  That isn’t something a lot of other pest control companies can say – or are willing to say.   

If you truly want excellent pest control and prevention, you need a full-on treatment procedure that cleans, seals, treats inside, and treats outside, all while making sure you are happy as a customer.

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