Knowing What to Look For When it Comes To Bed Bugs

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    Nov 10, 2012
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South Florida residents face a plethora of pests because of the warm humid climate, so it was very unfortunate to hear about the arrival of bed bugs in West Palm Beach. Florida tourists and travelers have brought extra passengers with them and area hotels are now battling the problem on a daily basis. But for those that understand the threat, how to avoid it and how to deal with it once it has broken through your defenses are the ones that come out on top. If you’re new to bed bug control, this article is for you.

Much to the surprise of most folks, the bed bugs that appeared in songs, fairy tales and creepy bedtime sayings never really went away. They were a huge problem in the Middle Ages and even right up through the industrial revolution but with proper cleaning, central heating and other modern amenities, the threat petered out in most Western countries. It wasn’t until the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games that bed bugs exploded back onto the national stage.

Anthropologists have documented the modern bed bug outbreak back to the Sydney games. Tens of thousands of people living in close proximity and then all leaving back to their corner of the world caused the bugs to spread like a virus. At first it was mainly hotels that had the biggest problem, since they constantly see an occupancy turnover. If you’re staying in a hotel, it is smart to check the box spring, behind the headboard and inside the dresser drawers for signs of bugs. If you can pull the dresser away from the wall, that is a good place to check as well. Proper bed bug control starts with ensuring you never bring the bugs home with you in the first place. Call the experts at Gulfstream Environmental Services if you find a bug in your home. The sooner you act, the better.

Once you get home from any trips, you’ll want to clean your suitcase before you toss it in the closet. Check your body for any strange bites, especially bites that may appear in a line or in a cluster. These are signs that you’ve had a late night encounter with bed bugs.

Proper bed bug control also includes knowing what to look for in your own home. You’ll want to search your home just like you searched your last hotel room. Start by checking the mattress, especially under the ribbon-like edge. Check your box spring and don’t be afraid to cut a small hole in the gauze-like cover to see what’s going on underneath. Small bed bugs can appear like tiny black dots. Their waste will also appear like a black dot. You may also see small blood stains on your clothes, especially your undergarments, and on the sheets. Many people write this off as simply cuts from shaving or irritation from our clothes rubbing against our bodies, but the real cause is likely bed bugs.

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