Bat Control is A Must For a Safe Home

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    Nov 07, 2012
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Bats have been known for helping to keep the mosquito population down, however the bats themselves can also be a pest that is hazardous to humans’ health. Bats can sometimes bring disease into a home, and they can leave behind odorous feces that can work their way into your home.

There are several ways to tackle bat control on your own, but if you’re uncomfortable with the necessary methods or concerned with the potential health hazards involved, you may want to hire a pest control professional to take care of it.

Usually, bats are actually a helpful creature to have around. They take care of so many insect problems in the summer. However, once they get inside your home, they can pose a number of health issues.

Not sure if you have a problem? If you find fresh droppings in or near your home, you certainly have them living inside your home. They appear similar to a mouse, except that the feces may have shiny specs due to the insect wings consumed. They will also crumble, unlike the hard mouse droppings. If you see a swarm leaving at sunset or hear unexplained chattering in your home, you may also want to look into that as well.

Should I Be Concerned?

One of the biggest reasons bats are a real problem is the health issues they can cause. Their droppings are especially known for carrying disease, such as histoplasmosis. However, the diseases they carry can be contracted through air, so be sure to wear a mask meant for filtering out noxious gases while you are removing the potential hazardous feces.

Another potential health problem bats may carry is that of rabies. In the event that a bat is found alone in a room with a child, someone who would not know that they were bitten, or while you were sleeping, it may be important to capture the bat and have it tested for rabies. For this reason, it should be captured without head injuries. Bat bites are small enough that you may not know you have been bitten, and with rabies, symptoms may not develop until weeks later. It has the potential to be fatal.

The important thing here is to keep them out of your house or business. You may need to install screens over areas they normally roost after they’ve left for the night, or leave out repellent that they don’t like feeling on their feet. A pest control company like WPC Pest & Termite Control, may be able to help you determine where the bats are roosting (if you are unable to find this on your own), and help you remove them from the area. In many cases, they can be removed without actually harming them. It is also possible to set up a bat house, so that they remain in the area without the health hazards of them living in your home.

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